Part 4 - Personal Journal - Love Your Body Weekend

Monday, October 31, 2011

Part 4 of 5 - Love Your Body Weekend

Sooooooo this part starts off a bit rocky. Going to give you the real deal, no sugar coating.......
Love Your Body Day main event was just wrapping up, my friend Sarah from Sealed With A Kiss Designs was going to pick me up and we would jet off to West Hollywood for dinner...... But, I put a huge wrinkle in the plans - I swear - somethings it just pours.

When I texted Sarah where to pick me up, I accidentally texted the wrong address, a wrong address that directed her 30 miles out of the way and off to Culver City!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When she texted me she was there, and I was like, where are you, and the moment of realization came - I was mortified. I don't even think mortified is strong enough a word. It was 10000% the WORST mistake I'd ever done ever, I couldn't think of worse. To top it off, my phone was dead, I couldn't talk to her and barely text as my phone beeped at me it was dying quickly. Thank GOD Chenese came to my rescue and offered to drop me off at the place I was staying so I could charge my phone and communicate with the world again.

Now, I'd never actually met Sarah, and this was her first impression. Again - MORTIFIED. UGH How do you begin to make up for a mistake like THAT?!!! :( So, after 2 hours in the car, Sarah and I finally connected - and how she still wanted to hang is beyond me - the patience and understanding of a SAINT! 

I was eager to make it up and go forth and have a great night, and thank fully so was she. Under HIGH recommendation she had made reservations at Lola's in West Hollywood for dinner. Again, we get there, more bumps in the road as we were seated next to the kitchen and couldn't hear - but being the A types we are - we got it straightened out and proceeded to have an amazing dinner and chat for over 2 hours. 

Even after all thatttttttttt, she still brought me presents to try, as she's the Dir. of Marketing for Sealed With A Kiss Designs. I've always loved the brand, but have to be honest, haven't ordered much there. I'm like a 3yo where I focus on the shiney shiney. I always yell at myself when I just need a perfect cardigan or simple and comfortable dress, why don't I ever buy those???!! Sometimes, you just need a fantastic staple,  you know?!! Well, this is what SWAK specializes in, and this night, she brought me a Rose Pink Open Cardigan - which this style is one of their most popular. Now - I CAN SEE WHY!

We had such a great dinner at Lola's and I can see why everyone raves about it - feeling kinda cool now :) And, here we are posing it up outside Lola's! Love Sarah's dress, it's called the "Gloria"? It's so fun!! Find more here.

Then it was finally Sunday! After brunch with Natalie and Jessica Svoboda, talking life and business, was headed to listen in on the LYBD Panel discussion. I was bummed I couldn't fit in attending the VIP luncheon for the launch of AdoraOm, they were so nice to invite me! :( 

I wore my staple - Torrid blazer, White Jeggings from, Sequin Tank from Lane Bryant and white Kohl's knockoff watch ;) Can't go wrong!

Hanging out after the discussion with two of my favorite ladies - Natalie and Jessica. <3

Then spotted Marie! I was in LOVE with her pants. They had the best black denim with white stiching! Check out Marie, The Curvy Fashionista - she's really the bomb.

Then it was group picture time! 
Me posing it up with some amazing women who have dedicated themselves to positive body image. I have massive respect for each and every woman here. They have a passion and love to inspire and empower women, and for that - I am grateful they have paved the way. Please be sure to take a minute to meet them using the links below this picture!

Event Host
Pia Guerrero, Adios Barbie
Emily Musil Church, Ms. Magazine Blogger
Marie Denee, The Curvy Fashionista
Melanie Klein, Feminist Fatale
Seth Matlins, Off Our Chests

For an amazing recap of the panel discussion, please please read Pia's blog post at There's no way I could do it justice.

Then, the time had come - was headed back home to rainy Oregon :). This was my airplane outfit...recognize my white jacket??!! LOL - I'm obsessed. And, wore a new top from Lane Bryant underneath. It's a Vneck Slub Knit T, with cool rhinestones and images - LOVE! I joke that Mia Tyler is on my boob.

Thanks to Natalie for hosting me, you're such an amazing woman and I love you girl. And, to Sarah for not writing me off forever, and for Jessica Svoboda who is going to dedicate her business to launching designers who need help, and to Chenese for saving me, and to Hugo for the compliments and love and to Marie for letting me take a picture of your ass :).  hahahh!!

Next up in the final part of my trip - a makeup tutorial and giveaway!!
NOW, that is fun :).

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