beauty day

Thursday, October 13, 2011

So when my hubby and I take a day to ourselves and let our little man stay with his auntie/friend, we use our time to surprise a best friend and get pedi's! :) hehhahah

We were so excited to see my (sister/skorch co founder/ying&yang/twin) Carrie and surprise her for her birthday!!! She's attending Northwest College for Beauty and is a bad ass at hair color!! But, she can also give a fab pedi, so my hubby couldn't wait to get pampered. *laughing* He's not scared :) He even went for the WAX!!

Here are some fun shots, typical Jessica/Carrie!
And, yes, my standard uniform lately, white jacket, black jeans/top, bam!

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Visit Carrie and view her new videos for Skorch TV! Carrie Inspired :)

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