Finale Post - Portland Fashion Week

My wardrobe for the last two days of Portland Fashion Week continued my black streak with these gorgeous classic pieces from Lane Bryant. Why do I love black? Because it will NEVER go out of style! And, you can mix and max till your heart is content. So, when someone says "Jess you always look so great - you have to dress me." My honest reply is - I have a very simple recipe - black, white, red, grey baby - can't go wrong!

Outfit Links
1st Outfit // Zipper Dress no longer online - sorry! Shoes were Payless.
2nd Outfit // Jacket + Chiffon Cami ($39.95) + Skirt (just $38.97 right now!) c/o Lane Bryant and Shoes from Torrid

and that huge bruise on my knee? Courtesy of my husbands truck hitch! :|

6th & Lane by Lane Bryant - Day ONE

Well, I successfully gave birth to my..... ummm 35th child? LOL Portland Fashion Week® celebrated it's 12th year (and my 3rd season leading it) this October. We moved the show to the TENTS at Pioneer Square and over 200 volunteers made the impossible happen. While this post is about the fashion, it's also about thanking those who showed an enormous amount of support - the sponsors, volunteers and attendees - and our celebrity guests! THANK YOU

Opening night was quite special for me as it was hosted by my favorite model to win America's Next Top Model, Naima Mora and we once again made history by including a plus size fashion designer - Claire Doody for Copper Union (see images below)! 

Naima worked that runway and also hosted a meet and greet book signing for her newest book about how to break into modeling called "Model Behavior." She was one of the most enthusiastic and humble celebs I have ever worked with, thank you Naima for coming to Portland!

Now for the goods, I felt crazy fab in this outfit gifted to me by Lane Bryant. They are luxe pieces from their 6th & Lane collection, which I have to say - is absolute perfection. Black, leather, zippers oh my!!! If you're like me and have been wanting quality pieces that are timeless, here you go baby. I wore three amazing outfits and here is the breakdown from Day ONE of PFW.

This top - want to wear it every day. This skirt - utter perfection, utterly luxe. This necklace - actually DO wear it every day. The shoes - gorgeous but dangerous - lol! These are quite high ladies and I made it about 30 minutes, but wondering if 36 hours on my feet with cankles had anything to do with it. :( I finally found my ankles again about 4 days after PFW. 

Then Copper Union hit the runway...

When I saw Clarie Doody's line premier at Alley 33 - I knew she needed to be on the fashion week runway. Her line was everything we all want, colorful, strong, tailored, detailed and simply gorgeous.
It was a beautiful moment when the ladies hit the runway to a crowd in awe! The models got the biggest applause of all fashion week and to the ladies and Claire - GREAT JOB!!!!! Curves baby!

This outfit made the photogs go crazy! Pure goosebumps.
My favorites from Claire's show - Modeled by (L) Kim Neal, Kiersten Williamson of Ryan Artists Models and Keri Atkins
LOVE THESE!!! Modeled by Christine Lewy of Option Models, Brittany Hudson and Caitlin Tischer.
Claire Doody taking her designer walk with her Copper Union curve army!!! Congrats Claire :)
Selfie with a super model - no pressure! :|
Our Red Carpet TV Host - Lavenda Memory!! LOVE this girl, a total triple threat. She was a blogger on our Style Collective, hosted our Red Carpet AND photographed our editorial series??!!! Truly thankful for this little hottie. Check out her blog

PLUS! Thank you to the Aveda Institute Portland & Dosha Salon Spa creative team for my hair and makeup!! Saved my lifeeeeee.

Thank you so much to Lane Bryant for dressing me for Portland Fashion Week! I don't know what I would do without you guys making me feel like a million dollars in the newest 6th & Lane pieces. 

If you'd like to snap up any of these pieces - here are the links. I did receive these items complimentary and will get a 3% affiliate commission if you do choose to buy thanks to Reward Style. 


My Lane

It has been a crazy busy last few weeks and thank goodness we can keep in touch via facebook and instagram! This day I had a meeting with my TV partner KOIN TV for Portland Fashion Week and luckily Lane Bryant saved the day - because I barely have time to shower let alone deal with the vortex that is my laundry. Did I mention my 6yo started Kindergarten and I had to adjust my entire schedule around his NEW one RIGHT before PFW? #LordbabyJesus

Well, the beautifully wrapped box that contained this outfit made me look quite polished to meet the execs - thankfully! Plus, got to take my new shoes around the block - obsessed. I have to point out these pants because you can NOT underestimate a good pair of slacks and in my world perfect equals fabric that won't look wrinkled, center creasing down the leg (looks so freaking polished IF the pant is a slim leg pant) and perfect length to still show off my shoes. These pants fit that bill, and they have the tighter tummy technology which I can't say I've ever paid any attention to - but in these slacks, I like. My bottom belly doesn't feel all squished and weird and for those with that problem, these pants are great! I was surprised they fit honestly as they are a 26 and with the month of stress eating I had NO clue what size I really was! LOL

Did I mention I hate my hair lately? I have held out for SOOOO long, trying to grow it, have made it light and dark - both to save me from chopping it off - and meanwhile - I just feel I have no MOJO. :| I just feel so ordinary blah. And, can't seem to style my hair to save my soul, I swear - I used to be so good at hair! WHAT HAPPENED??!! GAH. Don't be surprised if you see me with something dramatic soon, I feel it coming. o_O

Until then :) xo Jess

Pants size 26R and Top size 26/28 (I had to unbutton last one to make room for my big bum!) c/o Lane Bryant
Shoes size 11W Lane Bryant
Necklace Avenue

Animal Maxi

Nothing beats a good maxi dress on a hot day where the last thing you want to wear is shapewear and anything extra on your body! When Marisota, the sister site of Simply Be, asked me if I'd try out some of their items, of course, I'm always down so I can report to you my experience. So, I picked out this maxi from their site which is a Simply Be brand item. It does come with spaghetti straps, but I found them too far in the center and honestly pointless as I'm one who loves a strapless top. With my Cacique strapless bra (which I have in white/nude/black of course) I was supported all night long. 

Loved this dress as it is really light weight and the fabric isn't clingy at all - almost a tad crunchy, for a lack of a better word - which I really like because it didn't stick to me as I literally sweat ONE MILLION GALLONS of sweat this night. Seriously. Not even joking. The length was perfect for me, but would definitely be too long for anyone shorter - I'm 5'8". 

This dress is a definite and being super picky about my animal print, I rather love this one. Thank you Marisota!

Business-Mom-Wife Mode

While I work extremely hard to keep all balls floating seemlessly in the air, you know with site tours (at Pioneer Square this day) and crazy work weeks for Portland Fashion Week, errands and favors for my husband, groceries and car washes, karate on Tues and Thurs for little man (this was a Tuesday), swimming on Monday, team meetings on Wed nights -- well, a midst all of this, I can say that dressing up nice CAN make my day go smoother. I feel more confident, I walk a bit taller and I face my problems a bit stronger. Not that gold plated shoes and Chanel inspired jackets will make all my problems and stress disappear, but it sure does help to look in the mirror and feel good. 

First up - site tour at the location for fall Portland Fashion Week... 

My crew :) 

Then - pick up the kiddo for karate practice... hiyah!

And since I always forget pictures, I take them at the end and my little man has discovered the calculator. LOL  That's a day in my life :)

Skirt Torrid | Top c/o Lane Bryant Lane Collection | Shoes c/o Torrid | Jacket Lane Bryant

Aveda Institute Portland Assembly

 Put in extra makeup routine time today for the Aveda assembly. Plus, if you ONLY knew how many products are in my hair, honestly from salt spray to flexible hold spray to firm hold to volumizing to dry shampoo - Lord - it was a DAY - so this is what I got :).
 Kudos to Calvin, my Jr Producer of PFW, for this capture - he's so great as knowing my angles - love you Calvin!
 Not sure what I'm doing with this hair, but I refuse to cut it! LOL 
 My favorite white denim ever are a white version of my favorite dark denim ever - the Sophia Skinny from Torrid - Size 26R. Shoes by Payless Shoes - Size 11W.
 Top c/o Yours Clothing - size 30/32 - and I really didn't need to go so big - but I love it flowy.
This woman right here, Kimberly Johnson - Owner of Dosha Salon Spa and Aveda Institute Portland, is one of the wisest most kick ass business women I know and I'm so grateful to work with her and soak in all the advise she will give me. Thank you for the opportunity to speak at the assembly today on behalf of Portland Fashion Week!

If you're in the Portland / Vancouver WA area and looking into going to a beauty school - there's no competition - they are the BEST and have a new campus in Vancouver WA. Check out

Review // In the city with Yours Clothing

Hey there my loves!
It's been entirely too long since I popped in, I'm so sorry, but I do update all the time on my instagram, so be sure to hang out with me there.

I recently was approached by Yours Clothing, someone actually I'd been wanting to try, but being on the larger end of "plus" I'm terrified of the UK companies that convert to US sizing. I'm not sure why as all previous experiences have yielded great experiences (SimplyBe, Asos clothes - not shoes - that's another story). So, they offered to let me try out some items and I was eager to share my experience with you.

I am so so happy to report how great Yours Clothing is. I was instantly struck by the quality - maybe I'm just getting used to lower quality from US clothing? But, not one thing was cheap or skimped, the best. Then, the sizing - spot on - in fact I ordered a size up on these pants here and shouldn't have! They fit and work -but would love one size down so a big more fitted, either way - so so happy. And, another thing about the sizing...being a girl with a large hips and behind who wants a "flowy" top -it's been MURDER. I order like 2 sizes up but then the arm wholes are out of control - so I wear a cami under, but them I'm hot because I'm in layers, just the entire thing - never fun. This top here WAS PERFECT! I ordered 1 size up and as you can see, plenty of room and dang, probably didn't need to order a size up???
Finally - pricing - absolutely INSANE - these pants are only $33, in the states we expect to pay easy $50 for the quality you get. This top, just $22.50. #wow

So needless to say, I'm so so thankful you contacted me Yours Clothing and to show my readers the rest of the outfits. Here are some pics of this top and these pants.

Final review? BIG GIRL APPROVED.

White Moment

It was a white jean kind of day. I dreamt the night before of an all white outfit, all sleek and sexy, but unfortunately I had forgotten to iron my blazer, so instead I opted for my go-to blue boyfriend blazer.

The funny thing is I thought these jeans were an LB pair, but figured out half way through the day that they were a pair of white Sophia Skinnies from Torrid I purchased quite a while ago, but for some reason never wore them. I'm sure glad I found them, because I LOVE THESE and will be wearing more often for sure. I hate white denim that stretches out too easily and doesn't keep hugging. This jean is a nice medium thickness with a tiny bit of give, but kept it's shape all day long. This white moment did call for spanx, even though I usually swear against them, but white denim is spanx mandatory for me.

Have a great pair of white denim? Let me know!

Outfit Details
Torrid pants and shoes, older Lane Bryant Blazer, Necklace Fashion to Figure