Monday, January 19, 2015

so I went blonde y'all

I'm going to date myself with this sentence. Back before cell phones and social media *gasp* I was no stranger to the box dye, nor did I shy away from a challenge or change. As I documented in a post in 2011, I can't even count the colors I tortured my hair with.

After my son was born in 2008 however, I've entered boring Jessica land and honest to God I couldn't look in the mirror and care about my makeup or hair anymore!!!!! GAHHH! As a creative person, my hair is part of the canvas and it's like having a favorite coat you wear but for 6 STRAIGHT YEARS - who does that? Right? It was time to change it up and instead of going yellow again, as documented here, under my own thumb - I consulted the pro of Vancouver WA, Ashley Cheri at Cut Loose Salon!!

With her skills, I now feel like the old me again and thanks to makeup artist Meghan Hamilton, I felt like a BILLION dollars at my photoshoot yesterday :).


Online booking and price list via Style Seat App (Search Ashley Gore in Vancouver WA) 
Ashley's Facebook Page with Gallery and other FB page 
Ashley's Wedding and Event Services Website


See her prices and services as copied from her booking site on Style Seat! WORTH EVERY FREAKING PENNY. Honestly, trying to convince her to charge double because trust me, I've worked with everyone and she is THAT good.


All over color$50 and up1 hr., 30 min.
Bang trim$015 min.
Boudoir$501 hr.
Client consult$015 min.
HighlightsPrices vary depending on the amount of colors you would like to weave in and whether you prefer a full ... (more)$75 and up2 hr.

OmbréThis service has many variations so I ask that you have lots of pictures of which style ombré you like ... (more)$90 and up2 hr., 30 min.
Perm$902 hr., 30 min.
Updo/blowout$501 hr.
Women's Cut$401 hr.

Thank you Ashley!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Remember why you started

jessica kane plus size body confidence fashion bloggerThe last month has been one that has made me question my purpose, my beliefs and my goals. I'm thankful for this because I believe it's in this space that you grow and have breakthroughs, however I had a few revelations that shocked me.

Monday, January 5, 2015

The perfect plus size black ripped knee skinny jean!

Perfect plus size black ripped knee skinny jeans blogger pickThis outfit started with the search for the perfect plus size black ripped knee skinnies. I knew they existed somewhere on this planet and when I saw them at SimplyBe I nearly died. I of course held my breath until I could get them on as any size 28 big bootie lady would - you know the struggle! And the verdict is...

Friday, January 2, 2015

My first trip to Olive town

Jessica Kane Top Plus Size Fashion Style Blog Olive Green Fashion
Happy 2015 my loves! 2014 really put me through the ringer and that is an entire post with 42 emoji's all it self, but long story short - I'm here, I'm ready and this year is mine. I'm back at SKORCH Mag full time, so you'll see lots of fun new things coming from that side and more from my blog here as well :) I missed ya too much! Now... to greeeeeeen.

You know that color you think you’ll never embrace because how could it possibly go with anything? Well, olive was that color for me and of course it’s when the color trend it headed OUT that I’m starting to dig it. So, if you’re a late color bloomer like me, you can still shop some olive below. And, can you believe my 6yo little guy took these photos of me??! Proud mom status.
Jessica Kane Top Plus Size Fashion Style Blog Olive Green

Jessica Kane Top Plus Size Fashion Style Blog

Photos by my six year old son Kyle Kane :).

I went around the net to see what else I could find that looked good and here are some great pieces!

Shop Plus Size Olive Green Fashion

What do you think? Do you love olive green?

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Harlow Lace Dress

This is some real life multitasking as I was really on the phone when taking these photos. I had it on speaker in this shot! Now for the outfit, it's always nice to have a versatile dress in the closet that you can easily dress down or up and this dress fits the bill perfectly. See how I make this look casual by clicking read more.

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