Sunday, April 13, 2014

Lane Collection Review

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Hello hello my babes. I am so sorry for being so MIA, but I have a great excuse! I'm in full production mode for Portland Fashion Week® which will have it's Spring Edition April 25-27 at the Memorial Coliseum. It's insane that I started out with tiny events at a truck stop and now nearly 10 years later I'm working with 40,000sqft and still dream of filling the Tacoma Dome :).

My fashion director, Natasha, and I had to jet up to Seattle to meet our A/V company and to swing by to meet Sajani who represents one of our Saturday night designers. Definitely was a great excuse to enjoy the most perfect weather EVER and have lunch at Place Pigalle overlooking the bay just above Pike Street.

Since I was the driver I wanted to be comfortable and yet cute, it was a 2.5 hour drive one way (even with my average speed of 75 shhhhhhh). Recently, Lane Bryant sent some amazing gifts and of them was this Lane Collection outfit. I admit, to shell out the money for premium clothing used to be so hard to justify, but thankfully in my position I've been able to try these premium pieces before I buy and I tell you what -- I get it. I really now get it. The detail, the quality of fabric, the fit - it all is worth it. These pieces will last me a lifetime and I can't thank Lane Bryant enough for the love.

I hope you ladies give it a try and start off with a staple - something you will need forever - like this faux wrap skirt. This skirt is lined, the elastic is luxe quality (I swear you have to feel to believe) and drapes beautifully. I ordered a size 26, down from my size 28 I get in denim, and it fit wonderfully! If I wanted a more hugging fit, could have definitely gone to a 24 if needed, but I like it more loose.

I paired it with this razer back tank that is SO gorgeous you have to see the detail. LOVE the high low and looks great with jeans -but also great in this. I get hot so easily that I LOVE a gorgeous tank that doesn't seem too casual and can actually be worn in a business setting. I had to use my 5way convertible Cacique bra to ensure enough support with the razer back.

The shoes were so so gorgeous, but definitely rubbed my right heel. I'm not sure if I was just swollen or these are tighter than normal shoes - but I would not get these if you have a larger ankle, but be sure to have a great shoe cobbler on stand by, which I do, who can stretch and add fabric if needed. These shoes are absolutely comfy otherwise and worth the cobbler visit for me.

Check out the entire Lane Collection and find that perfect one piece to start with.

So thankfully I was comfy all day, felt cute, looked fab and enjoyed a perfect day in Seattle :) .. who could ask for more?!

Much love

Shoes  /    Tank    /   Skirt   /   Glasses and Necklace old purchases
New blonde hair by Vata Salon in Vancouver WA!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Neutral Territory

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Been strangely attracted to more neutral pieces lately and for me, blue and grey is definitely neutral territory. I'm head to toe Lane Bryant after a recent haul that resulted in a hefty bill on my new flashy LB Platinum card which I really didn't need, so thank you LB for rewarding my bad habit. :|

These pants I just picked up while rushing through the store after I had to return the weekend jeans which had legs that were just way too wide. I've grown way too addicted to my skinny legs, so when I saw something about Genius Fit and Skinny - I snapped up the size 26 - rushed in the dressing room - they fit PERFECTLY and wore them the next day. My skepticism about their claim of "they will never stretch out" was put to rest after a FULL day of meetings and events. Couldn't believe it really. Now I need more colors. Asap.

Paired with a flowy blouse, which I own an abnormal amount of now and added some gold and wah-lah - I look casual chic. #boom

Can't believe I got these shoes for just SIX DOLLARS!!! Nothing feels good like a shoe score.

Link to pants: After putting on some weight, I'm bordering on 26/28, but the size 26 fits amazing with just right amount of room. So do NOT size up on these babies. I did do a little roll on the leg, but these are def ankle pants where they do not go all the way to bottom of shoe.

Link to top: I'm in size 26/28 and sized up so nice and flowy, but my big bum still made the back bunch around my behind a bit. But, so is life.

Love you guys and hope you have a great weekend!
love jess

That Thing

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Hello hello my loves, whew, can not believe how fast a year can go by! This post has been sitting in my drafts folder since January SECOND. :| Hopefully you have been able to connect with me on IG and Facebook as I'm on there regularly and barely feel I have time to check in on those platforms, but damn I miss you guys. So, here's my new year post - in March. LOL... pretty much.

My new year post won't chronicle my best outfits because while I enjoy the dressing up, it doesn't define who I am. This blog started out as a style blog, chronicling the outfits of a size 26/28 mom with a new born kiddo that needed to connect with something more. But, because of your positive responses on non-style posts, I've shared more of my life story and unusual professional journey that has led me to embrace my entrepreneur spirit and jump off that cliff of security. 2013 absolutely was the year of manifestation and walking the walk. I had many ups, and many downs - the kind that make me turn to food and hide in a hole where I don't answer the phone or care to blog. I have come to just embrace that that is my journey and to quit fighting the fact I'm a bit different and my path has no book to follow or steps to complete.

My dreams have changed a little in the last year, but the underlying pulse in my passion is helping and connecting people. Every enterprise I have engaged in revolves around platform. I have discovered this passion through Skorch Magazine and the Full Body Photo Project, as well as clients through my agency and even the designers and team at Portland Fashion Week. I live for the spark of passion and energy.

I capped off 2013 with my long time friend Brittany. After TEN YEARS of friendship, we can enjoy those small moments and be thankful for the simplicity of it all. We were crazy party gals back in the day, but it was so great to go to her work holiday party and finish off the year by enjoying a movie night, with two kids and a dog while she edited photos on her laptop, on the 31st.

I wore the most fun outfit courtesy of Simply Be and I actually feel awful I'm just now blogging it. Although I did get to post on the social webs at the moment and hopefully you check out then, but these are the Simply Be waxed denim. I never ever thought I would like - but I love. And, my babies (shoes of course) are courtesy of Torrid

Here's to 2014 and trying to make sense of it all.
love jess

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Holiday Office Party Uniform

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Hey guys! I had a planning meeting with The Art Institute of Portland for Portland Fashion Week. They are a presenting sponsor and their students have a showcase on one night at PFW! It's so cool and crazy that in fact the reason I moved to Portland was to attend AI and become a fashion designer?!? Crazy how things turn out, where I'm sitting and planning a fashion show with the Director of Fashion of AI?! LOL So, needless to say I try to dress nice when I visit and SimplyBe was so very nice to send me some items to show for the Holiday Season.

While I wore this to a business meeting, this definitely would make a perfect outfit for an office holiday party. If I had one to go to - I would wear this! AHAH Wait, as the boss I guess I'm totally failing by not planning an team holiday party right? Hell, I'm so behind on all holiday planning that I'm lucky there is a tree up in my house. Why must I procrastinateeeeeee?

Anyways, I hope you have a great week and I have another holiday themed outfit coming too - and it's FUN!

Happy Holidays
Sorry for the not so sharp pics - was in a hurry and took on my iphone.

Outfits Courtesy of SimplyBe (all items are true to size, which is so nice)
Top (link)- This blouse is so freaking gorgeous and I LOVE the fabric and everything. But, if you have larger hips and belly, then it will be tighter around there. So, I opt to wear this top tucked in - wouldn't work for me as a flowy piece.

Skirt (link here) - This skirt is absolutely magnificent. It is longer and being 5'8" it's a tad longer than I like, although I always wear my skirts very high up the waist, so it worked and definitely a buy.

Coat is last season, but check out this amazing version!! So want this one too -