SWAK Designs Project Plus {Contest Closed}

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Time for Project Plus, a partnership with SWAK Designs! 
Contest is now closed.

What I love most about my partnership with SWAK and Project Plus is the fact that they let me choose what the focus will be and what I want to give to my readers, which I so love them for that. When I was thinking about the holidays and the New Year coming up, I thought about how I stop shopping for myself and just shop for my kiddo, then hubby, then friends, then neighbors, then co-workers, then the person at the Starbucks that's super nice, then the landscaper, then the people down the street with the sweet dogs, then then then.... well, then me is the VERY LAST line. And, I'm sure you can relate. So, I'm excited to dedicate Project Plus to the women who put everyone first and can't justify the money to spend during the holidays on herself. I know you're thinking, why enter I never win anything.... I think the same thing too!!! LOL But, someone HAS to win, so it doesn't hurt. Go ahead and take the two minutes to enter and you never know, I could be picking out YOUR new mini-wardrobe.

Everyone gets a $5 gift card and winner chosen randomly.


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