Basic Rights Oregon Party

Thursday, October 20, 2011

I totally forgot to post this!
I went to the Basic Rights Oregon annual IGNITE party and had a blast! I love the organization and all the work they do. In fact, I'm working with my client Sheraton Portland to throw a huge fundraising party for them!

The night was so much fun, even going solo. In fact, it's kind of cool to go alone because it challenges me to use my networking skills and work the room and I met so many great people including a fun table of Boeing executives that actually took this picture of me. LOLS! Then we danced to MJ baby.

The event was hosted at one of the best venues, the Portland Art Museum and boasted LOTS of free drinks (if only I had a DD, but sober sally I was), cupcakes from my favorite Portland bakery Cupcake Jones, delish catering and great music. And, I was feeling so confident and fab in my dress from Avenue. LOVE this dress, especially the pockets! It's the same one I wore in this post.

Well, have a great weekend you guys, I'm headed to LA tomorrow morning! I will be there for a few meetings and events, including Love Your Body Day. I'll keep you totally in the loop with my facebook fanpage - so be sure to add me!

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