Michelle Branch Private Concert

Monday, October 10, 2011

Had soooooo much fun this weekend! I got to go out and play TWO NIGHTS! :) One night, was a super cool private concert at Aloft Portland (one of my clients) and Live 95.5, featuring Michelle Branch. I LOVE live music, especially rock (shhhh that's my secret), and it was totally cool to hear her live, she's amazing! Plus, she has a totally cool personality. She was joking in between songs and gave us a sneak peek on her new album by singing her first new single. And, one of my favorite's Ian James, opened up for Michelle! (learn about him below)

Was so nice to step away from the computer and hang with my girl Katie, she's a riot and keeps me laughing the entire time, and I love that. And, sorry I seem to be obsessed with this white jacket, I know I need to switch it up a bit, but I feel like so connected to itttttttt! LOL

Wishing you a happy Monday!

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Watch my video :) 

Ok, so the guy I'm with above - he's Ian James. And, he opened for Michelle plus is a regular at Aloft Portland! He's one of the most chill awesome singer/songwriters and works his ass off to get his music out. I hope you will join me and vote for him to win the Aloft Live contest.

Once you hear his voice, you'll understand why he's amazing. He's in 2nd right now, so help him out by downloading his song, which counts as a vote!


 Live In The Vineyard, presented by Aloft Hotels, is sending one artist to play in Napa Valley this November. It is the opportunity of a LIFETIME! PLEASE HELP me get there by downloading my FREE song on Aloft's Facebook Page. Whoever has the most downloads in the end wins! Here is the link...(https://alofthotels.sonicbids.com/BandDetails.aspx?b=29152&bn=Ian+JamesYOUR SUPPORT MEANS THE WORLD TO ME THANK YOU! 

My outfit: Jacket - Sears, Top - Gifted by SizesToFit.com,
Pants - Old Navy Plus Jeggings, Shoes - Payless, Watch - Kohl's

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