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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I had to SO much fun dressing up for some fun pictures with my friend/photographer Stacy. Funny thing is, we've been "virtual" friends via Myspace then Facebook for over 6 years and never met until this year! She's such a creative, fun and talented chick. I love her.

We actually shot three looks this day and this was the final one and I couldn't believe how awesome they looked! I didn't plan this outfit at all, being the last one, I was like....what do I wear?!! Stacy, being one who loves dress up and such suggested something cocktail/gno, so I dug through my "archives" (hey plus girls can have archives of Torrid and vintage Lane Bryant, k! *smile*) and found some fun pieces. Ones I've not worn in a while!

This dress is from Torrid, gifted to me abouttttttttttt ummmmmm a year ago? It's a fun t-shirt top, lace bottom dress. So perfect to layer. Then found my red cardigan which again, haven't seen in about a year and forgot how much I loved it! And, the sad part is the company, LOTIS out of Canada, I think is no longer. They had such a strong start and push for 2009 and it breaks my heart their online store is gone. I'm hoping she rolled it over to a wholesale company and just stopped the retail - but I'm not sure. But, I topped it off with my FAVORITE jacket ever from Lane Bryant!

I definitely had fun with my makeup too, dug out my red lips I never wear and smoked up my eyes. I actually used to HATE my lips, had it in my head they were too skinny and looked horrible with red, go was IN MY HEAD. LOL Typcial woman, right? :)

I have to give the hugest thank you to Stacy, thank you girl!!!!! Actually, when we shot, she asked if I wanted airbrushing and where, and I looked at her with huge eyes, and said "NO WAY!!!" She was so surprised since every one of her clients asked for EVERYTHING to be edited. I made her promise to leave my legs lumpy and my face natural and so forth. Why? Because there's a time and place for that, I love the art of photo editing, but I want to be real and show our imperfections are perfect.

Everyone, please go like her page on facebook and stay hi at Her and I have much more in store for you and plan to do a LOT more fun shoots. Which, gotta say, so excited. Gets uninspiring shooting yourself in your backyard after a while :) ahhahahahahah!

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