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I'd love to speak at or host your event! To be honest, hosting and speaking are my favorite things to do, and it's great to actually meet and mingle

As a host, I love to meet new people, engage and get people excited! Afterall, that's what a host is for! I am comfortable with a mic and speaking on film. I'm a freak about being on time (15 minutes early) and event promote the event as if it were my own.

Speaking topics include:
  • Taking your blog from a hobby to a business. How to make money and leverage your influence to forge powerful partnerships.
  • Navigating the sea of negative body image in the media to embracing your true self. What is real and what isn't? You'd be surprised to know.
  • The business of independent publishing. You have a great idea for a great website or magazine, but then what? What does it take to launch that idea into something real? I give my proven tips including social media strategy, branding 101, editorial, building a team and how to start with $0.
  • My story to inspire women on finding themselves to live to their true potential. The power of opportunity and how you can't sit and wait for you, you need to MAKE your opportunities. 

All speaking and hosting engagements get guaranteed pre and post event coverage on both my blog and

If interested in booking, please email me at

Thank you!

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