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Friday, October 28, 2011

Part 3 of 5 - Love Your Body Weekend

Saturday 10/22/11 - 11:00am

So after the awesomeness of Friday, I couldn't peel myself off of Nati's amazing couch till 11am (felt so 25 again)! I knew I had a huge fun day ahead of me and needed to whip out some fabulous to feel confident enough for the million pictures I KNEW were going to happen, plus needing to distract from the flip flop & blister situation. I wanted to change up my look a bit, so I went with curly big hair, which actually is easier since I have naturally curly hair! And, I was lucky enough to have some new style from my friends at Fashion to Figure. I went with an aztec theme (is that even what you call it??).

This outfit was so perfect for the day, and after sweating like a mad women due to gorgeous LA weather on Friday, I was thankful I had a cute strapless top on hand (and of course my Cacique 5way Strapless to make it happen)! This top is definitely out of my normal zone but so completely awesome. I love how the print is just enough and the unique cut flatters perfectly. Plus, I'm falling in love with this type of neckline.

So Marcy and I knew we had some time to kill, so she took me on a personal tour of Beverly Hills and Hollywood, including a trip down Rodeo Drive and the usual tourist spots. Then, when trying to figure out where to have lunch, I was like "OMG!! We should go Villa Blancaaaaaa. You know, Lisa's restaurant!! Of course, Marcy didn't know who the hell Lisa was....come on, who's with me??? Who else loves Lisa?!! :) She's my fav girl on Real Housewives of BH. 

So Villa Blanca happened, and it was amaze! And way cheaper than I thought, like less than Olive Garden?!!! Was funny watching tourists walk by and take pictures of us and other patrons. LOLS And, then the tourist shot :). 

Then we headed to the main event, Love Your Body Day! I went to the restroom to freshen up and look at what I found! I thought it was so appropriate for the day. 

For me the day is about of course loving your body but also what I feel is the best west coast plus industry mixer. Sadly I didn't get to see so many women I wanted to, they were killing it in NYC! :( But, still a great time and fun event produced by Chenese Lewis, President of the Hollywood NOW chapter. 

My fav outfit of the fashion show was this one! OOHHHHH I need that outfit STAT!

Here I am posing it up with Chenese (L) and Meghan McCain - Host for LYBD.


Top - Gifted by Fashion to Figure - Find it here online for only $28 in size 2x & 3x. I'm wearing 3x.
Necklace - Gifted by Fashion to Figure - Find it here online, only $16!
Pants - Lane Bryant Houston Trousers - Size Red 8

Now watch the SKORCH Magazine video recap of LYBD by Editor at Large, Marcy Guevara!

So much fun, but there's still more from the weekend!!
Part 4 coming!

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