Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The other night I went on a fun business happy hour to the Vancouver Hilton Gray's at the Park Bar, so I thought I would pull out a gorgeous new dress Sealed With A Kiss Designs sent me.

I can't say I've ever worn snake print (called the Brazil print), and online this dress didn't stand out at all to me, so I'm glad that Sarah knows me and sent it for me to try because now it's one of my favorites! Even if it is hard to photograph, LOL. No seriously, Mandy and I shot this dress in like 4 different spots, but I kept blending in - it was at night and I was in the part of town where everything is beige/brown!! LOL - Where is a red or white or black wall when you need one!?!

What I can say I love about this dress is:

  • Length - I'm 5'8" and I can wear wedges and the dress is still nice and long.
  • Fabric - It's thick and luxe - and the kind that won't wrinkle or have static issues.
  • Shoulders - I love the shoulder is wider so you can wear whatever kind of bra you want and it won't show and there is some gathering there - gives it a nice touch.
  • Neckline - I'm always a sucker for a Vneck - but this one is just right for my 42DDs so it's not too hoochie.
  • Color - this print you can pair with ANY color! Blue, red, pink, purple - so much fun when deciding on color of handbag and shoes ;D.

So, it was a great night, enjoyed some Pinot and crab cakes and got lots of business done for the agency ( And you can find this dress at here.

Thanks Mandy for taking these pics!

Dress - Courtesy of SWAK Designs - Link Here
Necklace - Courtesy of
Wristlet - Purchased at Target recently - Link Here

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