3 Steps to Owning The Season & Look Book

Friday, November 03, 2017

How have you been love? Are you ready for the holidays? I am definitely NOT ready and am firmly in disbelief that I've been in Florida for almost three years now!??!

With each passing year I marvel at how quickly I have acclimated to the climate and frequently admit that I'm a disgrace to my (Pacific Northwest) "kind".  Who am I?!  In fact, when shooting these looks I felt transported to Oregon until the sun came back out from a cloud and I started sweating again. It was all worth it though and I am excited to share a look book that makes me dream of frosty air, scarves and hot cocoa. 

This look book features pieces from my new Fall Glam collection (which you can shop here) and other styles from the Society+ line. The reason I added the confidence steps to this is because the most asked question I get is "how can I be confident like you?". This question kills me each time because I wish I could say it's a moment in time when a switch flips - but it's not. 

It's taken me over a decade to become fully confident in my skin and I realize that my process included being in the public eye and being a blogger. That was a HUGE piece of my "confidence" pie and while I know everyone can't go start a blog, I hope these tips can help you figure out your recipe. We all need different things and I share below what my things are and how I own the room.

The holidays can be tough but with a smile on your face and a glow in your soul you can have the best season ever. 
Much love

So many more styles in sizes 14-32 designed just for you by yours truly! Plus, get $40 off $100 ending soon and free US shipping on orders $70+.

Shop > https://society-plus.com/collections/fall-glam-collection-by-jessica-kane

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