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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Jessica Kane Mother / Wife / Publisher / Blogger / Stylist / Spokesperson / Entrepreneur / Confidence Crusader

 Jessica Kane is a mother, wife, spokeswoman, entrepreneur and a blogging pioneer who has been recognized by USA Today, CNN.com and CocoPerez.com as an influential plus size style blogger challenging the idea that big girls can't have style with her blog Life & Style of Jessica. She is a confidence crusader who has created a fashion media empire from empowering women to love their bodies and dress it fabulously, which earned her the 2012 Portland Business Journal Woman of Influence Award. She is the creator of the viral sensation Full Body Photo Project, as well as owner/publisher of the world's largest plus style blogger network SKORCH Magazine. In a world where over edited images of women encourage us to hate our bodies, Jessica uses her digital magazine and blog as platforms to inspire confidence in women, one real photo at a time... all while calling Portland OR home, not New York or LA!

In November 2012, her passion and expertise in production lead her to become the co-owner and Executive Director of the 3rd longest running city fashion week in the United States - Portland Fashion Week. Under her direction, PFW became the first major fashion week in the world to feature 'plus' models on the runway alongside their thinner couterparts in every designer fashion show. Once a annual event, she has expanded the brand into a bianuual event that now incorporates shopping, beauty and music along with the fashion standards the world knows it for.

My Sites/Businesses/Projects

Career Highlights

2006 |  Co-Founded SKORCH Magazine at 24 Years Old
2007 |  SKORCHMag.com reaches 1 Million Views
2008 |  Opened creative/marketing consulting agency { JessicaKaneAgency.com } catering to Fortune 500 Companies/CEOs.
2009 |  SKORCH wins "Ezine of the Year" at Full Figured Fashion Week
2010 |  Starts style blog Fatshion Chic / www.lifeandstyleofjessica.com
2011 |  Jessica's blog reaches 1 Million Views, 200K in December alone
2011 |  #1 on Google Search Term "Fatshion"
2011 |  Joins CocoPerez.com as a plus fashion contributor
2011 |  Featured in Lane Bryant, Sonsi, Torrid, Swak Designs, CocoPerez, Formspring and more sites.
2012 |  Chosen as first ever blogger for a feature photo shoot with leading US plus retailer, Torrid
2012 |  Chosen to be on the exclusive Full Figured Fashion Week Fashion Front Blogger Team
2012 |  Featured on CNN.com in article highlighting three of top "fatshion" bloggers
2012 |  Honored as "Woman of Influence" from Portland Business Journal
2012 |  Featured in USA Today for the Full Body Photo Project
2012 |  Featured on CocoPerez.com for USA Today coverage on Full Body Photo Project
2012 |  Became co-owner and Executive Director of the 3rd longest running city fashion week in the United States - Portland Fashion Week

Press & Features {see full list}

CNN.com / El Tiempo / Pepsi We Inspire /  Torrid / Lane Bryant / CocoPerez.com / Formspring / Pose KPTV Fox News /  AM Northwest / Oregon Business Journal / Vancouver Business Journal / NewsReview

Innovator & Crusader

My story of overcoming poverty, abuse and a broken home. by Mandy Allen www.readmandyland.blogspot.com 

She was born in Oakland, CA in 1980. From her first breath, her world was defined by tragic clichés. Teenage mother, absentee father, abuse, neglect… it’s a story told over and over again in every corner of the world. Experiences too horrific for her young mind to deal with were banished to a dark corner never to be recalled again.  When presently asked about her childhood, only fleeting memories slip through her defenses. For most of her life, the only words she heard when looking in the mirror were you're fat, ugly and not worth it. But, after a series life changing events in 2004 including a dangerous crash diet, the end of her first marriage and a miscarriage, she realized her strength and potential, and instead of listening to the voices in her head that for so long tore her down, she chose to listen to the powerful women that was hidden away for so long. Fat, Ugly and Worthless, were replaced with Beautiful, Powerful, Confident, and in an instant the light bulb went on. By loving her body, she also loved herself.  By embracing ALL of her being, she stopped picking at her flaws and instead celebrated her strengths. Out of the bright light of understanding a crusader was born.  The young woman knew if every woman could just stop judging their every flaw, and instead could praise their unique beauty, then they would begin to recognize their own power and confidence.  She felt driven to break the cycle of hate and despair. More than anything Jessica wants to prevent other women from the misery she felt.  She wants to stop the cycle.  She knows together with her fellow females she can stop the hate and judgment. Together we can love our bodies and strive to be the best we can be. She did it with every obstacle in her path and wants to encourage YOU take the first step on the way to being the best person you can be, by first loving who you already are.  

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