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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

If you've been following my facebook updates, you know I was on a whirlwind weekend trip to LA! I'm sure to have a lot of posts, so here is my first stop. Had to pop in to see my friends at Torrid and visit the HQ! It was so cool to be behind the scenes and meet the many amazing people of Torrid and Hot Topic. I wish I could have shown you more pics behind the scenes, but it's kinda classified :) LOL I got to see their new styles for swimsuits, accessories the buyers are considering and watch a photoshoot with Kelsey Olsen. Plus, I asked the buyer if she would do an interview to tell us what will be hot in the coming seasons and she was thrilled - so that coming soon! And, got to chat with Courtney about Torrid's social media strategy and brainstorm great ideas to connect lovers of fashion to the brand. I really love the positive energy and PASSION the team has and look forward to working with them more.

Here are some photos out front with Nikol, merchandising team for Torrid and Courtney, Social Media Content Mgr for Torrid.

Was sporting some Torrid fresh off the plane! First pic is with Nikol, who also happens to be a blogger! Check her's out here:

Above - with Courtney.

Blazer, Denim, Handbag - Gifted by Torrid 
Top - Lane Bryant
Necklace - Sears
Glasses - Mall Stand
Shoes - Payless

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