Full Body Photo Project by Jessica Kane

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Welcome to the Full Body Photo Project!

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What's next? Stay in the conversation and empower your fellow ladies by uploading your daily full body photos to Instagram and tag #fullbodyphotoproject, I will feature readers every month on my blog here!

THE FULL BODY PROJECT is a virtual community of women who upload their full body photos to show they love themselves! I started this project as a grass roots empowerment campaign in 2010 to empower women to love their bodies. As a plus size woman and blogger, I realized the power of a full body photo and how we could use them to help us accept and love our bodies!

Last year we had over 30 winners and gave out over $5,000 in prizes! Stay tuned for the 2012 Join & Win Campaign!

2011 JOIN & WIN was Proudly Presented By
These are NOT the prizes for 2012, just an example of what we did last year. Stay tuned by ENTERING TO WIN to be first in line for our next sweepstakes!


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