Part 2 - Love Your Body Day Pre-Party

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Part 2 of 5 - Love Your Body Weekend (longest but best day of my life!)

Friday 10/21/11 - 7:30pm

So after I left the Torrid HQ (with my smoking new red ponte knit blazer!) I lived through Friday night LA rush hour to get to my girl Nati's house - she was playing hostess. Took off my since 5am makeup, reapplied and went smokey to vamp it up for my party night (makeup post coming up in part 5). Felt so good to have fresh makeup on!

I threw on my new gold accessories from my friends at Fashion to Figure. I've been trying to find the perfect bracelet/necklace chunky gold combo foreverrrrrrr, and in my price range - you know, cheap - LOL - and when I spotted this pair at FTF, my world changed a bit. Honestly, perfection.

Then headed to the Culver City Lane Bryant for the Pre-Party bash. Walked in, headed straight for a cocktail and gabbed with all my girls. The night went so quick I didn't even get to shop!! Blasphemy!

This night was honestly one of the best of my life. I've been living in a virtual world of friends and readers for a few years and to actually see, hug and share "Lanetinis" with them is AMAZE. Here I am with Debbie Shannon, Natalie Ferraro of and me. As you can see, we are complete hams. I had to retaliate against Nati since she covered my face in the first picture. BWHWAHAHH!! That arm was coming OFF! :) 

Can I just say how epic this picture below is? I am that girl that insists on group pictures, my friends and family usually roll eyes and submit unwillingly. hahahah! We were all ready to roll out for the night when we got this shot. I'm sure you know these amazing ladies, but if not - let me introduce you (from left)!

Chenese Lewis - Producer of Love Your Body Day, President of Hollywood NOW and the 1st Miss Plus America
Marie Denee - Blogger of The Curvy Fashionista
Tess Munster - Model & Face of Domino Dollhouse (which she is wearing) and featured in Inked Australia
Natalie Ferraro - Singer/Songwriter and 1/2 of the group Ninja Betty and the Nunchix and blogger at
Joy Nash - Actress, Model & Blogger and well known for her "Fat Rant" series
Me :)
Nichole Smith - Blogger of xoxoNikstar and Model and also Face of Domino Dollhouse
Brandi Miller - Model & Marketing and PR Guru for Warner Bros

Outfit details:
My Outfit: Blazer & Denim - Gifted by Torrid, Necklace & Bracelet - Gifted by Fashion to Figure
Chenese's - wearing dress from Macy's.
Tess' - Wearing Domino Dollhouse.

Then we headed for food and gab at a cool little eatery! I think the most I've laughed in forever! Such a FANTASTIC night!

And then we saw a grafitti wall, and this happened...LOL!!

We lost a few girls on to the next stop. LOLs - Brandi and Nik had to work early, BOOOO! But, Nati and Marcy were determined that I experience West Hollywood properly!

Then, this happened. Lemon drop shots and the Gaslite Karaoke Lounge in Santa Monica.

Marcy and I loving the music and being silly...

And, then this happened. BWHAHAHAHHAH The funniest cab ride of MY LIFE. Being LA, of course the cabs are Prius' right? Thank God I called shotgun! The girls were a bit crowded in the back. I think I died laughing for the next 20 minutes. What's wrong Marce? HAHAAAHAHAHAA She was playing it cool.

And, finally it was time for late night grub at Swingers, where I had the best BLT of my LIFE. Sweet sweet awesomeness.

I just have to say how much I love my girls, thank you for the best Friday night I've had in a while. I got to experience Hollywood properly :).

Jessica   / 

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