DIY | $5 - 5 Minute - No Sewing Required Scarf

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Two things are true. I'm obsessed with scarfs and I love a great bargain. If you too are like me, then you'll love this post!!

I've been seeing so many AMAZE scarfs on all my favorite celebs and lord knows my pocket isn't deep enough for the $700 Hermes, no matter how much I love it - it's not worth a house payment - LOL!

Then, I remembered the days my mom and I would make our own stuff, and I got inspired - so to the fabric warehouse I went! I posted a pic of the fabric, so you might recognize this scarf! Now, I'm going to tell you how I made my DIY  $5 - 5 Minute - No Sewing Required Scarf, that I must say, is already my new favorite - until I make my next one...note fabric on floor behind me ;).

Say I am ME and I am AWESOME!!! Upload a picture to the wall of my fanpage!

finished look

step 1 - get $5 a yard fabric

step 2 - cut off about a yard

step 3 - fold in half longways

step 4 - cross fold - makes it lay on chest nice.

step 5 - find your favorite pin flower and pin with one side longer than the other - makes it lay better.

step 6 - pin fabric together

step 7 - after pinning, should look like this

TADA!! Instant Scarf & no sewing required.

here's a sneak peek of this scarf in action. 
behind the scenes photoshoot.

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