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Thursday, March 01, 2012

I've been completely obsessed with makeup tutorials on youtube lately and I think the best new tip I've taken that I feel has really taken my makeup to another level is doing the eyes first, then adding the foundation. This was always hard for me since I needed the "palette" to envision how I'd do the eyes/browns/ it's taking some getting used to, but I really like doing it this way now.

Essential - get a soft and good makeup remover wipe, I'm using Neutrogena. So when you do your eyes and get shadow everywhere, just take the wipe, wrap around finger, and remove the extra makeup in a line from bottom to top! Amazing how cleaning that up has really helped.

And the next essential is a translucent loose powder and kabuki brush. Can't believe what a difference that makes! I do this after face is on and before blush/lipstick.

So, here's my makeup before/after from my look at the Miss Plus America pageant...I know I missed a few steps, but hope this helps! Let me know your thoughts....

Here's the tutorial slideshow....

I use a combination of Mary Kay, MAC and Sigma brushes. And the palettes I'm using are Bellisima Cosmetics (with circles of color) and Sigma BARE Palette (smaller rectangle colors). Here's a list of my beauty essentials & a smokey eye video tutorial I did with much of the same colors.

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