Sneak Peek // My Torrid Photoshoot

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

So, I am officially living in an alternate reality.     !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The world is not what it once was, not sure if a meteor hit the planet and screwed up the time continuum or if aliens have invaded the bodies of the Torrid executive team... in a normal universe - these would be the only explanations as to why a major retailer like Torrid would use a regular size 26 gal like me to show off their clothes and share what I like. Girls like me are normally behind the big camera....LOL.

I remember meeting the team in October and pitching the idea of some sort of video style series or something with some bloggers, just something that would engage their customer be relateable...but they took it to a whole 'nother level!

The fact that Torrid is stepping outside the box and featuring a blogger my size is HUGE!!! I even cried during the interview, BAHHHH!! :( I'm just so beyond grateful and humbled for companies that partner with me (a girl on the big end of plus sizes) and trust me with their brand, and for my readers who MADE this happen for me/us. Thank YOU so much!!!! I'm so proud to represent the everyday woman and show that even big girls (size 24+) can feel confident and wear what they want!

SO....Here's a fun behind-the-scenes....hahahahah. Just wait till you see the other outfits!!!!! So much fun!!

PS... HUGE props to my model friends out there.....this is NO joke!
I was EXHAUSTED after two shoots in one day and I know it looks so glamorous, but it's's fun, just not glamorous! It's a REAL job and takes a LOT of work, and I'm definitely NOT a model! BWHAH A model is a pro at angles/posing/showing the garment, etc....I'm just good at being me? :)


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