Custom Canary & Cobalt Colorblock Maxi Dress

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Colorblocking is all the trend and while I usually stay away from "trends", this is one I wanted to try out because I've been obsessed with color lately!

One of my favorite online stores is CCB Custom Dress, and the owner is Cassaundra and she sews everything by hand and still keeps prices affordable. What I love most about her store is the custom element, where you can choose the colors and input your measurements to get a dress that will fit PERFECTLY. As a 22/24 on top and 26/28 on the bottom, it's SOOO hard to get dresses that fit right...and at CCB, you can get it right and get the colors you want the first time.

I told her I was dreaming about a yellow/white/blue maxi dress and here's what she came up with! You can choose what colors you want, sleeves or no, shorter or longer, boat neck to v neck to scoop neck, everything custom and the fabric is super luxe and thick which makes it not cling weird to your body.

I really hope you check out CCB and try her build a dress customizer for this maxi here. I want to try the tulip hem next time!


Check out all the ways you can build this dress!
Choose from 28 different colors and prints for the top, belt and skirt of the dress.
And she offers free shipping.

sleeveless classic boat neck
surplice bodice with tulip hemsleeveless v-neck 

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