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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It was a robbery at Lane Bryant today! HAHAHA

Mandy and I had lunch at the mall today and since I'm a Lane Bryant card-carrier, thought I'd pop in to see what's new. Of course I go STRAIGHT to the clearance rack, and guess what??!! They had a $6.99 rack and guess what ELSE??! I found these two blazers, only $6.99 each!!!!!!!!

So, Yes, I made a face and experienced the kind of glee that can ONLY come with an amazing clearance find - can I get an AMEN?! LOL

Andddddd, check out my new backdrop! Total disclosure, was SOOOOOO inspired by the new Domino Dollhouse lookbook I blogged at Skorch here that I HAD to have yellow!! Thanks Tracy for the inspiration baby.


My reaction to finding a cute $6.99 blazer!! GAHH

The new studio! HAHA - Ikea rug and yellow photo paper.

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