What I Wore // Playing Photographer for the Night

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

So every once in a while a random bit of awesomeness comes around, this was one of those times. So, my client Sheraton Portland held a New Year's Eve party, I'm always the event picture taker....so I ran about the room and did my thing, acting like a hostess with the mostess. Little did I know a Frito Lay exec was there and was super impressed with how I got people excited to take pictures and asked me to be the event photographer for their awards banquet!  LOL

It was such a fun night, felt so in my element, makes me miss working with lots of people and working the tradeshows :).

So, I wanted to stand out but not too much, wanted to feel pretty but still professional....so I opted for my Boat Neck LBD from CCB Custom Dresses and my red Torrid blazer and Torrid accessories to add that bit of sass. And, I knew I'd be working and hot all night, so I went with a half-up-do hair style that felt cute but stayed out of my face.

I have to say, I'm so loving this outfit, I felt super comfortable and classy professional!! Here's to treating everyone you meet like they are the VP of something....because they just might be :).

// BLAZER & ACCESSORIES c/o Torrid  //

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