Making time for Makeup

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back in the day, before the hubby, the 4 year old and the career that ate up every minute of my life...I had time to do my makeup. As a 24 year old, I found it to be the most fun part of my day...I'd relish the hour it would take because afterwards I felt like superwoman.

Fast forward to present day, and that once precious time is now dreaded. I find myself loathing the time I know it will take to do my makeup right, like picture fabulous right, like don't cut corners right...and just go's good. But, once in a while - we need to take the time, take the damn amazing instagram photo and prove to ourselves we "still got dis." *snaps finger*

It's vital that we not lose ourselves in the day to day shit that will eat up a year before you know it. Just like making myself go the gym, I'm going to make the time to do my makeup once a week damn it. Why? Because I'm worth it. *wow, that sounds way cheesy typed out. LOL*


{above} The damn amazing instagram photo! LOL

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