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Monday, March 19, 2012

It's no secret is LOVE budget friendly jewelry! And, when InPink.com contacted me to offer a giveaway to 200 of my readers, ummmmm, I say YES please! Because they are giving 200 winners a $40 gift card, and as you can see - that will go a long way! You could get a necklace, ring and bracelet for $40!!!!

They sent me a few pieces to try, and was so cool they showed up right before my birthday party! I have to say, for the price and quality, I have found my new obsession. And, can NOT wait to show you the pieces I received! Including this necklace.....it is heavy duty and freaking gorgeous in person!

Now it's time to announce the 200 winners - Congrats ! 
You will receive and email from InPink.com to redeem your prize of $40! 
Those who don't win will still get a 30% coupon!! #score

Alana Dunkelberger Matheny
Alex Zambrano
Alison Gatt
Amanda Davidson Sykes
Amber Daniel
Amy Chastain
Amy Smith Lawrence
Amy Stephens
Andrea Rioja
Angi Hicks
Angie Paulcheck
Anika Allen Lyons
Anita Granados
Anjeannine Romero
anna franklin
Annette Lucero
April Kleck
April Sharpe
April-Nichole Sharpe
Ashlee Mcgraw
Ashley Bueker
Ashley Kumar
Barbara Lindberg
Beatrice Wiltrout Nobles
Becky Jarvis
Becky Suhajda
Brittani 'Bling' Sterling-Gholson
C.c. Almon
Carolyn Collins
Cathy Martinez
Chanae Tynes
Charlotte Doull
Cheryl Hall
Christina Mendoza
Claudia Jankowski
Claudia Maria Smigel
colleen womack
Cristie Young
Crystal Dimit
Crystal Jillson
Cyrena Robinson Parrouty
Danielle Manning
Darienne Price
Deanna Parent Theroux
Debra Simning-Chapman
Denise Rand
Diane Krawczak
Diane Redcay
Dirichukwu Nzewi Ukattah
Dominique Leger
Elaine Malmrose
Elise Aiken
Elizabeth Bender
Elizabeth Berlovan
Elizabeth Lade
Elizabeth Mcgowen Bovenmyer
Emma Solis
Erica Marie Vandermeer
Erica Nicole
Erica Vanderstelt
Erin Sisco
Evelyn Wilson
Faith Oh'cee
Gabrielle Ritzer
Hailey McConnell
Jeanessa Fenderson
Jen Toth
Jennifer Austin
Jennifer Cury Santiago
Jennifer Drake
Jennifer Duncan
jennifer keith
Jennifer Rendon Desa
Jennifer Russell Knaak
Jennifer Schultz
Jennifer Yandle
Jessica Andrews
Jessica King
Jessica Mortenson
Jolivia Hudson
Julie Flores
K. Lyn Baker
Katie Frost
Katie Gee
Katie Keske
Katie Lessard Bracero
Kelleashia Kelly Tyus
Kelli Barkema
Kelli Bolinger Estes
Kelly Lynch
Kelly Taylor Epperson
Kerri Willson Lynch
Kimberly Hollowell
Kristen Berge
Kristen Cassin DuBord
Kristin Blakesley
Kristin Burton
Krysti Spritzer-Levenhagen
Kylie Miller
Lacey Korns-Smiesko
Lacey Smiesko
Lakisha Ester
LaTanya Tatalicious Tatum
latoya huffman
Latoya Huffman
LaToya M. Williams
Laura Mager Null
Laura Patenaude
Laura Procknow
Laurel Porter
Liana M Fernandez
Liz Pelt
Lori Todd
Lori Walls
Mallory Katelyn Comer
Mara Silaua
Margaret Blair
Marinn Clampit
Megan Grace Kulpaka
Melissa Flores Moreno
Melissa Harp Hernandez
Michaela Eng
Michelle Chilton
Monika Peniam
Mwoww Cortez
Natalie Zeller
Nicole O.
Niki Whitaker
Nina Bee
Nohelia Barboza
Paige Edgington
Pamela Jessie
Preference TrulyCertifiable Robinson
Rachel Clyne
Rachel Iatarola
Rebecca Hill
Remy Martinique
Ricanda GoalDigger Suggs-Webber
Rickie Beth Friedberg
Rochelle Sha
Rolicia Martin
Rosa alvarado
Rosa Lemus
Sandra Garrido-Then
Sandy L. Young-Urbina
Sarah Linette
Sarah Ragan
Shanna Holmes
Shanna Holmes-Carnehl
Shante Hearst
Shari Smith
Sherry Hoffeld Fredrickson
Simone Taylor
Stephanie Lynn Marie
Stephanie Marie
Susan Barlow-smith
Susie Carranza
Susie Embellish Simpkins
Tabby Beniquez
Tiannae Simons
Tiara Jester-Young
Tiffany Hachfeld
Tina Keys
Tisha Haulenbeek Huffer
Valeria Martinez Campos
Ve Jenn La
Veronica Cid
Veronica Morgan

Thanks to everyone who entered! 

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