Do two pubs count as a pub crawl?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Almost forgot about these photos! LOL Drinks at Red Lion Tavern with Brandi Miller, Jamie Litt, Natalie Ferraro (Love Nati) and Joy Nash!! Then walked DIRECTLY across the street to another I totally did a downtown LA pub crawl, right?

Check out Nati's HIGHlarious post about the weekend here.

Wanted to look cute without trying to hard, so went with my Simply Be sheer top, SWAK Jeggings (no longer making them *sad face*), Merona scarf from Target and new purple peep toe flats from Torrid.

Nothing better than being the girl with her shoes STILL ON at the end of the night #victory!


Oversmiling makes everything better..... *ehh hum JOY!*
mmmmm In LOVE with this scarf.
Annnndddd group photo.
Getting my grind AWN.

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