Tangerine Tango Trench Coat

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Received one of the best gifts the other day! A new coat from Penningtons to try, and man, they timed that one perfectly! It's been raining and nasty here in the NW and I'm so in love with this coat and felt it needed to be seen in it's true habitat...LOL...not the studio, so a rare day of sun came and jumped on the chance for pictures "on location."

My favorite part of the coat is the collar, and the image on their website doesn't do that justice!! It's an ON PURPOSE popped collar! Um yes please. LOVE it...the buttons ensure your collah' stays popped always.

Next best thing? The color!! Tango Tangerine baby! ahhhhhhhhhhh

This coat is also on sale 25% off right now! Penningtons is a Canadian line with a sister label, Addition-Elle. I love the Canadian fashion flavor and the fact their models seem bigger to me. Maybe that explains why the 2X fit me? I'm nearly a 4X in US sizing.....yes, the 2x (that I'm wearing below) is great for size 24. 


As seen on their model on Penningtons.com.
COAT c/o Penningtons - Here's the link.

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