Repeat after me...

Saturday, March 10, 2012

I can rule the world, and my power is only as strong as I believe.
My weight does NOT define WHO I am, but it's how I project how I define myself that will open or close doors around me. 
The clothes & makeup on my body do not make me, but enhance me, because what's underneath is beautiful as is.

You ARE already the woman you want to be, you just have to believe it.

Something about these photos make me feel so powerful, so beautiful. And I think when WE feel powerful and strong, that rubs off on those around us in a very good way. It's too easy to pick ourselves apart...and then go picking others apart....but you will never feel true confidence in yourself if you don't start with believing.

Thank you so much to the amazing and strong, Stacy J Photography, for this photoshoot. I love you and YOUR strength rubs off on me every time we meet and I thank you for that gift.

Top c/o Lane Bryant, Source of Wisdom boot-cut thick stitch denim c/o Torrid, Shoes c/o Lane Bryant, Scarf - Old Navy, Earrings c/o Torrid.


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