My 2nd Collection Launches Today! Jessica Kane Back 2 Basics at Cool Gal Blue

Friday, August 14, 2015

You are an ARMY baby! The support was so strong from my last collection release, I was able to pick out a much bigger selection for my newest curated shop called "Back 2 Basics" at
I love doing these curated collections because Cool Gal Blue is supporting wholesalers and retailers that make fashion in larger sizes that we all can love and enjoy. I didn't design the pieces in this collection, but just you wait until October and you will get to buy custom designed pieces from me - I'm literally dying.

While designing the next collection and curating this one, I was just in the mood to get back to.... well basics. The summertime is so much fun and I literally fall off the simple wagon every time it rolls around. Platinum hair, bright colors, rainbow aviators galore - I tell you I know how to go alllll in.
But I'm LOVING how refreshing it is to get to the core me with brown hair, black suits and gold adornments and I admit, totally "basic bitch" style, of which I totally pitched for the collection name but was completely veto'd. LOL 
In all seriousness, don't forget that clothes represent who YOU are and how you feel about yourself. If you're basic like me, cool, but if you prefer onsies and cut-offs, cool, or are a styled babe, awesome - but just do YOU.  If you feel like the best you in your style, then it will shine through!

My current stats to help you shop while comparing to me:

5'8" (yep, didn't change, damn)
54 Bust
49 High Waist
61 Hip at Widest 

Here is just a small snippet of my items that you will find. Be sure to see the rest at! I can tell you that the fit is absolutely on and these items are pieces that will last many season and can mix and match for any occasion.
You'll also find the "Stretch Factor" indicator to help you now how stretchy something is. We all know that sizing only goes so far and if it stretches, I'm good with that! The blue pencil skirt for instance is SUPER stretchy and I'm wearing the size 18/20??!! LOL But it can fit an 18/20 and up to a 26 like me - just depends on how body con you like your clothing.  
Be sure to go up the SIZES it says. So the blue skirt is rated as a +4 sizes stretchy, meaning it can fit anywhere from 20, 22, 24, 26 pretty comfortably.

So many more pieces - shop my full collection at starting Friday 8/14/2015.

Show me what you buy and print screen your cart tagging #coolgalJESSICA!
I want you to feel beautiful, confident and ready to take on the world.
xx jessica

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