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Friday, February 03, 2012

It's Spring cleaning time, and for me that meant get my closet situation under control. And, since I've been asked to show my closet, was the best time to show ya. But here's the "closet" is my house! LOL

No, really, my hubby has every right to tell me how out of control it is, but I don't know what to do! The best thing I did was go through my closet and sell some items. And, I just bagged up a lot to give to Goodwill. So, here's what I'm left with....just showing the fun stuff...also have a few packed closets, but those aren't as fun.

I finally gathered my nice shoes in my studio. I definitely don't have a large collection as shoes are lower on the style priority list for me. I focus on comfortable and cute and go from there.
Just a few of my bags, again, lower on the priority list as well. I like to carry easy bags that as a mom on the go I can manage. My favorites are cross-bodys and wristlets.
I DO love my belts and need to start wearing my skinny ones.
I hate my boots on the floor all flopped over and since I don't pay premium for the super quality boots, I try to take care of my average quality ones. I like to hang them so the shaft of the boot stays nice and no scuffs or creasing.
My favorite scarves on the planet. 
Some items you've seen, some you will soon...My "staging" rack where I put items in my studio that I'll be shooting next.
I want to add more clutches to my inventory!
My husbands hand-towel rack was converted into my bracelet/watch rack...but I need more room now! 
I don't know what I would do without tacks for my necklaces! Such a lifesaver since I love long necklaces that get tangled easily. Then I clip my flowers to them so I can find them easily.
Makeup station, these little drawers are essential, and the cup for the brushes - my hubby got that for Christmas, he was all excited about the "bedazzles."
I have a thing about caps, I hate when bottles don't have them. LOL
Love this stop after all done up to check my look.
And love the picture of my hubby and I - that was 3 months after getting together :). 

I love when things are out so I can see them and enjoy them, if I had my way, my house would look like a merchandised store! :) So fun to walk into your closet and feel like you're shopping in a cool boutique.

What are your style organization tricks? I'd love to hear, always looking for more.

And, soooooo excited to be Sonsi's Woman of the Month YourStyle feature!

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