Journal // Full Day of Judging at Washington Plus America

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sunday, Feb 19th was a FULL day of judging from the nicest Holiday Inn I've EVERRRRRR been in (marble, chandeliers, amazing restaurant). Starting at 7am we had judges orientation, then judges breakfast where all the contestants got to kind of meet us judges (look at us) and where Chenese Lewis and Danielle Zavala had me tearing up with their moving speeches of trial and triumph (amazing women).

Then we had the one-on-one interviews with all 26 contestants.

After lunch was the evening gown and interview wear judging where all the ladies were on stage and showing their best! This is where the judges panel pic was taken (below) - thanks Chenese!

Then, Chenese and I capped off the night with a second Vlog (click here for #1 vlog) and recouped for the big crowning day/finale night on Monday! -- That post coming next after pictures received from photogs :)

Since we were on the move ALL day I wore a new dress that was sent to me by! It's the sheath classic boat neck knee length dress, custom made to my measurements (and for you too! that's what she does!) and made of this amazing heavy thick fabric that covers everything from bumps to bright underwear :). AMAZING fabric, it's ALL about the fabric! I need to do a video!! It's a simple dress, but add a skinny belt and accessories and it feels so classy. I felt like a business woman that day and so thankful to Cassaundra for the dress! 

Price of my custom dress = $59 & FREE Shipping!!

What I would have expected to pay = $150

Went for classic hair and makeup to match the day. Wanted to be taken seriously as a judge :).

More soon from the pageant and I'm flying to LA today! Lots of fun meetings, photoshoots and video shoots that I'm BURSTING at the seams to tell you aboutttttttttttttt. Damn secrets :(
But, SO worth the wait!!!!!!!!

Ok...I'll stop shouting.

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