Tuck it in

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

I totally forgot to blog this outfit. I know the photos aren't the best and my makeup wasn't on, but damn it I felt amazing this day. Could have PARTLY been because I was standing the in the space I dreamed about hosting Portland Fashion Week, but I love this outfit combo too. You know that myth about how a big girl can't tuck her top in? Yah, I don't buy that one.

I think the biggest part of the success of a look like this is to avoid the muffin top. I swear, a girl that is 100lbs lighter with a muffin LOOKS more unpolished than a girl my size. It's NOT about smaller, it's about put together. Buy a bigger pair of jeans if you must but ladies - NO MUFFIN! :D

The jeans are amazing because of the way they are cut. They are Torrid (link here) and cut SO perfectly around the belly/bum especially if you have a larger behind :) -- like me! WORTH. EVERY. PENNY. BUY. THEM. NOW. NO. I. DON'T. GET. ANYTHING. IF. YOU. DO. I'M. JUST. REALLY. PASSIONATE. lol And, no, I am not wearing any spanx or shapewear here. With a great pair of jeans, you don't have to!

The shoes are Barefoot Tess Adelaide Flats in Nude and I have them in nearly every color - LOL. LOVE them. They are definitely stiff the first 5-8 wears or so, but just get through it, they do get comfy.

So, tuck that top in girl and I have another post coming with a skirt!

Blazer is Lane Bryant (similar here & and here & and I'd kill for this one here)

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