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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Soooooo I've been wearing my SVOBODA Jeggings like there's nothing else in my closet, well those and my black Source of Wisdom Luxe Skinnies from Torrid.

These were gifted to me from the owner of the company, Jessica Svoboda, who is also a good friend of mine and someone I've known in the plus industry since I started Skorch in 2006. She is someone I can rely on to shoot it straight and someone who knows more about the plus manufacturing process than almost anyone else I know. So, I can confidently tell you there's a reason why her jeans are carried in the finest stores, it's because she has spent years perfecting her product for the plus size woman and is obsessed with quality and perfection....that makes for some great jeans ladies :).

I feel horrible it's taken me so long to give you guys my review on these babies and even though Jess and I are friends, you and I are too and I will always give you my 100% honest opinion. So, here's a recap of the outfits I've worn these jeggings in and my review is below.


I wanted to give you guys a close up look at the jeggings, and show you the other side of the fabric. What I SO much love about these is the outside is SO denim in look and feel, yet the inside is so plush and soft - almost velevty - like pajama jeans or something. Makes them SOOOOO comfortable to wear! 

This is after wearing them for the day, I wanted you to see the wear/stretch. These are size 26. For perspective, I wear a 24/26 in Source of Wisdom and a 28 in Torrid and LB denim. So, I think these are perfectly sized as I do believe me to be a true 26 on the bottom.

I've washed these about 10 times probably. Compared to my other jeggings, I say the stretch to shrink ratio is about 10% difference....really not much at all. So if you tried these on, they might stretch about 1/2 in on the belly. While I love my Source of Wisdoms, their stretch ratio is probably 17% and my Old Navy ones are definitely 20% stretch/shrink from washing.

Things I love about these jeggings:

  • Fabric - SUPER Luxe
  • Color - I love the denim sheen/color - in my opinion, its the PERFECT dark denim.
  • Sizing - Was nice to have a pair that fix right.
  • Length - These are Regular length and are nice and perfectly long.
  • How many sizes they are offered in! 10-28, Petite/Reg/Tall
Things I don't love about these jeggings:
  • Price - While I understand the pricing - $138 can be hard for women to do. 
  • Button - The button seems to have too much give - enough for me to think it's going to fall off....but I've looked and it's secure?
If you can afford these babies, I HIGHLY suggest you get a pair - they will last forever and that's so nice. I've purchased 3 pairs of old navy jeggings at $40 a piece, washed same as these and wear, and they already are broken down and fading. But these jeggings still look brand new. So $120 for jeggings that will fail in less than a year or $138 for a pair that I can wear with anything and I know will last MUCH MUCH longer? Save for these ladies!

Where to find these jeggings?

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