Brunch at Lola's

Monday, February 27, 2012

Quicky post! Had a great time in LA, and had a fab brunch at Lola's in West Hollywood on Sunday with some amazing women! That group picture is on my camera and I can't get it off right now. But, I'll be posting my full photo album on my facebook page soon. Was joined by Nati & Brian, Joy, Tiffany and Ivory.

Here are the highlights, Tiffany, Food and Outfit :) Wore a new outfit from Torrid, felt SO West Hollywood. LOLS

With Tiffany of On The Fatwalk
<<< mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm  >>>
SO love this outfit! Wish the top was bigger at my hip, but still totally cute. It's a sheer razer back with these cool foil dot things and the denim capris - don't get me started - LOVE them!

Top/ Shoes / Pants c/o Torrid and available online now! :)


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