Monday, February 13, 2012

Hello loves,
I know this post won't be for everyone, and that's ok, we all have a different level of tolerance for boudoir, but you can quickly hit the back button if you are offended by lingerie images!

** Please read before scrolling to images - this one is important. **

As promised, my boudoir shoot for a special Valentine's Day post. Thank you so much to the amazing Rayleigh Leavitt of Intimate Photography By Rayleigh for my complimentary session! You are such a pleasure and I had SO much fun playing in your studio! You really made me feel so at ease and make the session so painless. Too bad it was too early to partake in the free wine :).

On a serious note....I thought this post would be easy breezy, but it wasn't. And, I'm going to keep it real. Thankfully I've had a few days to digest these images...

When I first saw my boudoir shots, I went into auto-pilot and picked myself APART. My confidence involuntarily shattered a bit because I was forced to look at my very real body, and that was a bit jarring. There were bits of myself I never look at and now had to see (and share). Then the guilt came....

What kind of confidence crusader am I if I'm hating on my self?!? *Practice what you preach!*

So I decided to start looking at these with an open/loving mind, it took a bit, but you know what? I started to think they weren't so bad, and in fact....thought they were beautiful.
I know it might be scary for some to see a 310 pound woman dressed up in lingerie posing in front of a camera, and think my body is something I should be ashamed of showing even though I'm showing much less than the average Victoria Secret show....but this is me. This is real. And I look like a LOT of women out there. EVERY body is beautiful and I think it would be fantastic if we saw even more bodies that looked like us...that way when the next girl who does her first boudoir shoot sees her very REAL body, it won't be so scary!

Conquering Fear of the Full Body Photo - CHECK
Conquering Fear of Swimsuit Shots - CHECK
Conquering Fear of Boudoir Shots - CHECK!

With this post I hope to encourage some women to conquer their fears and love the body that they have right now, this very moment. I'm not where I want to be fitness/health wise, but that doesn't mean I have to hate the body I have right now or that I'm not allowed to think I'm sexy (my hubby thinks I am - so he must be seeing something!).


I have to admit, I thought hard whether or not to show this image (above). It definitely is the one that shows the most of me, and I questioned whether showing my behind was tacky, but I truly believe this is a tasteful shot and hope no one gets offended.
LINGERIE Lane Bryant // SHOES c/o Torrid // TOP Sheer Top c/o Simply Be

Photography by
Rayleigh Leavitt of Intimate Photography By Rayleigh

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