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Friday, February 10, 2012

So, this is totally off topic but I just HAD to share. Would you ever imagine that I created a camera loving child? No...not me? LOL
Ever since the day this child entered the world, I've had a camera in his face, and well.....he likes it a lot. Now 3 and a half, this kid begs me to take pictures and video all the time!! It's SOOOO freaking cute, and I know I'm having a total proud momma moment bare with me.

Here's my little man strutting his stuff and showing off his posing skills for mom.

Gotta admit - this kid has chops...we did this in 10 minutes. CRAZY. Love him so much!

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And, so excited to announce that Catherine's has featured me for the month of February on their new site! So honored to be featured alongside women I admire immensely like Emme Aronson & Jess Weiner. Such an inspiring and positive group of women and I can't love the idea behind Catherine's new initiative any more. Check out my personal video about the word "LOVING"
From my heart to you...LOVE YOURSELF NO MATTER WHAT.


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