Rouge in Love

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hi my loves!
Since I fell in love with this Torrid dress when I wore it for Portland Fashion Week and never got a good photo because I was running my ass off - decided it needed another shake! It was a blistering 90+ degrees today, so most would say I'm crazy for wearing black, BUT -- this dress is so flowy with the high low hem and deep v-neck that I felt pretty cool.

Plus, a quick bang trim and I was feeling like a whole new woman! When I do my hair and makeup, it is VERY rarely a planned event what I'll end up looking like... so I always do makeup first (eyes, cheeks, then some lip that goes with it all hopefully) then I let my hair down and see what I am feeling with my makeup done... well today --- I was feeling bangs. LOL Never one to worry about a quick snip, I went for it and it's such a refreshing change.

In the end, my entire outfit and hair cut is based on this red lip... Lancome Rouge in Love. My favorite red to date! I worn you, it's a mood changer, don't say I didn't warn you!

xx Jess

Dress (current) and Shoes (from 2013) c/o Torrid 
Lip is Lancome Rouge in Love #181

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