Top 10 Favorite Moments of 2012

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Wow this was a hard list to compile! Man, what an amazing year. As the typical A-type that doesn't take time to appreciate that which I have done, it was so refreshing to just take a moment to let it all in. 2012 was hands-down the best year yet, I accomplished more than my wildest dreams, but most importantly I connected with more people than ever before through this blog. I never celebrated a proper 2 year blog birthday, but thank you so much for your continued support and coming by to sip martinis here and there.

I really wanted to look at the moments that changed the course of my life and although a few awesome ones didn't make the list (quitting my "job" and forming a partnership with my best friend and launching my own agency, joining, meeting Ashley Graham and her saying "of course I know who you are" and me almost dying (???), finally finding my ultimate hair style and sticking to it *lol*, judging WA Plus America, spending some amazing time in LA/Santa Monica with amazing friends, hosting the Woodburn Stores Shopping Extravangaza and working a crowd of over 1,800 people and never feeling more alive and so much more), this list still feels surreal and I'm trying to wrap my head around it. And, of course laughing because I spent most of the year thinking I hadn't accomplished anything - what's WRONG with me??! **No wonder my best friend Mandy felt the need to perform an exorcism and write the MOST hilarious post OF. ALL. TIME. read here, you'll die.** 

So, sending my continued apologies to Mandy, you're right....I need therapy, thank goodness I have your pro-bono counciling for now. ;-)

Here are my Top 10 moments of Two-Thousand-and-Twelve....

TEN Being transformed by my uber-talented hair and makeup artist friend Lindi Merkercher as a plus size Kardashian, extensions and ALL! So trippy, I think if my husband didn't threaten divorce if I didn't take them out, I could have gotten used to the hair ;). Full post & more pictures here.

NINE To my complete surprise, a little post about a sexy dress got a lot of attention and created a lot of much needed conversation, the "scandalous" "Kitten" post garnered tens of thousands reactions on Torrid's facebook and others and received over 320 shares on my blog. This post gave way to my new reader nickname ... you guessed it... KITTEN :). Read full post and see pictures here.

EIGHT The hands-down best part of being a blogger is getting to work with the brands that you loved BEFORE you had a blog! SWAK Designs has always been a favorite of mine, and well we soldified our love-fest for each other this year and launched Project Plus. Check out the behind the scenes from the photo shoot and see the rest of this post.

SEVEN Appearing on KATU AM Northwest for a Torrid Fall Fashion Segment, see full post here.

SIX Being Torrid's Official Fashion Correspondent at NY Full Figured Fashion Week and hosting their invite only blogger trunk show! That. Was. Beyond. At the trunk show, I was asked to open the event with a speech and well, the tears came and almost took over! GAH! I was soooo overcome with emotion in that moment realizing where I was and what an honor and dream I was living. Women I admire and work with  were in front of me and supporting me and it was a moment I'll never forget. Read recap post 1 and post 2.

FIVE Skorch was recognized as Best Fashion Publication at the Portland Fashion & Style Awards. We won against 3 other straight sized publications and the plus size one took it home??!!!! Plus, good friend and Portland area colleague Keri Atkins won the Best Plus Model Award. See the video of the win and pictures!

FOUR Featured on as a Fatshion Blogger making a difference. This was a huge huge moment for me to be recognized for the work I'm doing that goes beyond how good I do or don't look in my clothing. Read the article.

THREE I can still remember the day I walked into Torrid for the first time, it changed my world. So much so, I wanted to work there and do research to own my own forward a few years, and I was being flown to their HQ in LA and in a flurry of a huge team was treated like a star with a photo shoot and video shoot and feature on Torrid's facebook and more. WOW!!! I need to do more of that!! LOL Watch the video interview and see rest of pics here. See behind the scenes pics here.

TWO Receiving Woman of Influence Award from the Portland Business Journal. I was one of 25 chosen and the youngest I hear to win. I can't put into words what the day, award, moment was all like. It was a blur, a heart attack, a moment that I still can't believe happened. I was in a room of over 800 most powerful business women from Portland, and I was on stage accepting an award. *beyond* Truly beyond and one of the best moments of 2012. Read my full post here.

Accepting my Women of Influence Award and with my best friend, therapist, photographer, videographer, coach, wing-man, PepTalk Polly ;) and business partner Mandy Allen. 

NO. ONE MOMENT OF 2012 My baby the Full Body Photo Project went to the next level with the realization of a dream team photoshoot with some good friends that got some crazy fab media attention?!?!! This could NOT have happened without the team effort! Thank you so much to Stanley Debas for the photography! Thank you to Lane Bryant for believing in this project and being our presenting sponsor & providing the clothing!! Thank you to the very talented and VERY busy ladies that volunteered their time to make my vision a reality -- Nadia Aboulhosn, Rosie Mercado, PassionJonesz, Kari from and Samantha Morris!!! Thanks to this entire team's effort, the project/shoot made it into USA Today (see full insert here!) and and was on the finale episode of Season 1 of Curvy Girls!

As I prepare for 2013, the only thing going through my mind is...
Think. Believe. Achieve.

Make it count and thank you for taking this ride with me! 

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