Thursday, January 24, 2013

I miss you so much!!!! I'm so sorry for the lack of posts, but truly, I've just been working like crazy and even though I've dressed up, managing to capture the outfit is kinda hard. Trying to reconnect with my gorilla blogger side, LOL, the side where you get super creative with any reflective surface in a 10ft radius to prove if only to YOURSELF you worked it that day. Gorilla baby.

Well this day was obviously in late December thanks to the Christmas decorations photo-bombing. Had a meeting at The Benson Hotel in downtown Portland with the Portland Business Alliance to discuss Portland Fashion Week. This hotel has a lot of memories for me and is a staple for anyone needing a gorgeous place to meet for lunch. They hosted my 30th birthday party actually! ahhhhhh the days, having the Presidential Suite (like the one that ACTUAL POTUS' have stayed in) all to myself. I learned that day that Secret Service will never put the Prez on the top floor? Didn't know that? Guess the SS stays on top floor with Prez always under them. Hm? Who knew?

This picture doesn't do the largest mirror I've ever seen in my life, justice. It's like 15 feet tall or something? I don't know. HUGE. Like weighs a few tons huge. LOVE it so. Great for the gorilla blogger selfies. LOL

Blazer c/o SimplyBe |  Pants Black Stiletto Skinnies c/o Torrid  |  Shoes  Target

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