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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hello my kittens!
I'm busy working on some fun outfits to embrace while in London for Plus Size Fashion Weekend, where I'm so honored to be hosting. A retailer I've talked about a few times here, SimplyBe, is actually the presenting sponsor of the LPSFW (#lpfsw) and I've been working on a secret covert opps CIA underground project with them. *laughing*

I wore the most amazing jacket from them for a very important business meeting where I went to sign the papers with the lawyers to make my being a co-owner of Portland Fashion Week a reality. **taking a moment to let that sink in, still a bit lot surreal that I now am going to produce and co-own the 3rd longest running fashion show event in the US. wow.**

Ok...a lot more on that back to THE jacket that I swear feels like big girl Chanel. The arms, the neckline, the fabric, so so comfortable and just absolute perfection. I couldn't stop taking pictures of myself in every mirror *hangs head*.

I classed up the outfit with my pearl studs which haven't seen my ears in probably 3 years. Luckily my obsession with classic style does come in handy and makes many pieces of my wardrobe/jewelry box re-usable years later. Toted around the most fab oversized clutch which perfectly protected my iPad and lipgloss. Then added black velvet booties along with my faux leather leggings from Torrid, which I might add are so comfortable they are my lounge tights around the house. Makes answering the door for the mailman funny to me, hardly the average housewife I suppose....well, work at home mom-preneur.

I also had an animal print skinny belt twisted around but didn't get a good pic of it, nor the FAB shirt underneath, so I'll have to get more pics of these soon since I got overwhelmed for my obsession with the coat. Really, I feel in love with a green coat?? How did that happen!?

Thanks to Target for a perfect mirror aisle that helps me out of the
 I'm-a-blogger-and-don't-have-my-photog-today jam! Too bad it's a bit dusty! :(

Nothing better than a clutch that will fit the iPad (YAY) and two mini cupcakes from St. Cupcakes. 
le sigh.

Thank you so very much for reading and commenting, I love you so very much.
Happy Holidays! Go treat yourself!

Outfit Details

Jacket c/o SimplyBe - Was $130, now $60! LINK HERE
Clutch c/o SimplyBe - Was $59, now $29! LINK HERE

Shop Similar Leggings (mine are no longer online)

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