A Torrid Affair Press/Blogger Event

Sunday, June 24, 2012

One of the highlights of my career has really been the opportunity to partner with Torrid in a way I had only dreamed of 6 years ago when I was working part-time at my local mall Torrid. To have done a photoshoot, video interview and blogger partnership and now to hosting an event and being the official Torrid NYC FFFWeek Fashion Correspondent?! #adream

When I woke up Saturday morning to prepare for my hosting duties of the private press/blogger event "A Torrid Affair," I of course worked myself into a ball of nerves. I was going to be in front of all the bloggers and friends I've known for so long, many of them Skorch bloggers, many of them mentors and hero's to me ...so be on "stage" in front of them was absolutely terrifying. Thankfully the exec's at Torrid have complete faith in me and assured me that I didn't need to be some scary Guilianna Rancic clone....just be me....non-hosting/non-modeling/non-Guilianna-ing...just Jessica.

Thankfully the moment the ladies started arriving I was instantly put to ease, because these were my fellow friends and confidence-crusaders, these women are positive, empowering, and most of all - my sisters. So, the clicks of the blogger army's Canon's and Nikon's began, the Torrid-Tini's flowing, the butlers passing the most amazing appetizers ever, the energetic music and the ohh's and ahh's of 30+ ladies dying over the new denim that Torrid was introducing - the Stiletto :)....ohhhh, even the name is too sexy right? Honestly.

Here are some great pictures from the event and I have to say, every single lady that I saw trying on the new Stiletto by Torrid looks perfect, truly. I can't wait to get my behind in them! LOL


With the gals from Torrid (we're like the Torrid Angels in our blazers :)!
Katherine (L) and Jennifer Vides, Director of Communications for Hot Topic/Torrid.

With one of the most amazing women I know - Kari of MadisonPlus.com - her and her business partner Aimee are women that I look to as a force in the plus fashion industry. I'm so thankful to know them and consider them #family.

OH god! Me in front of the projector - Yah, I'm an amateur. LOLS!!! I was welcoming everyone and thanking them for coming...and oh yah, trying not to cry. Barely held it together!

With Skorch TV Host Shanda Freeman "Shanda Says"!

With Katherine, Social Media Specialist from Torrid and Marcy Guevara, host of Marie Claire's Big Girl in a Skinny World on Hello Style Youtube Channel!

Rosie Mercado, Skorch TV Host and star of NUVO Tv show "Curvy Girls."

 Marcy Guevara, host of Marie Claire's Big Girl in a Skinny World on Hello Style Youtube Channel!

Skorch Blogger and style maven Kiah of From the Rez to the City.

Alissa from Stylish Curves!

Skorch Blogger, Author and stylist maven Chastity of Garner Style.

With Bella Styles, Skorch Exec. Fashion Editor and blogger!

My Aussie roommates! From Left - Samantha Morris, plus model - Dani Mezza, blogger - Caitlin of Closet Confessions.

Shop my outfit at http://www.torrid.com/torrid/Collections/JessicaKanesNYFFFWPicks.jsp.

more coming up this week...stay tuned!
final fashion showcase
behind the scenes with Skorch Magazine & NUVO Tv's Show Curvy Girls

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