Tuesday, October 02, 2012


Sex Kitten sans Cardigan

When I was putting this outfit together (at my client's offices LOL), one of the women asked surprisingly... but where's the cardigan?? She was so serious.  

One of the most asked questions I get is, "how did you become so confident"?

Truthfully? ... 
I spent so much of my life hating my body/self. I didn't get a dose of confidence until I was 24 and had lost a bunch of weight the unhealthy way (starving myself). What I figured out was that confidence was merely an extension of your comfort zone or lack thereof. And the worst thing about the comfort zone being so small is that it will take a lot of work to get to confidence, why? Because we are our own worst critics and we can be serious bitches.

You have to push your comfort zone daily until you reach confidence!

You have to FEEL it and own it, MAKE it yours, daily, weekly, every moment...when nude when dressed, without makeup, with makeup. Banish the negative thoughts and replace with thoughts of "I'm freaking fine and I own this, I'm beautiful and sexy and am just as gorgeous as that Victoria's Secret model." It's a marathon and there's no easy way to break through your OWN negativity except one positive thought at a time.

Once you start breathing it in and the sweet confidence fills your lungs, you will finally feel like the kitten that you are and wonder why you EVER spent a moment hating yourself.


Photography by Mandy Allen of

Outfit Details

Necklace c/o Torrid
Shoes c/o Torrid (similar here)

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