Saturday, November 10, 2012

It's a very good day when you can put on a dress and feel like a goddess.

I especially love how long the skirt is on this dress from IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel, but wish it was more tapered at bottom...which is why have a tailor is so important! I'm in between sizes right now and thanks to my god given booty *laughing* I always need skirts brought in at the bottom.

Channeled my russian/greek goddess with huge chandelier earrings, long dramatic nails and luxurious wide belt. Love it. Did I mention these shoes are everything?! Have had them foreeverrrrr and somehow I always remembered them as uncomfortable, but they weren't? Hm, no idea. I'm so sorry they aren't online, tried hard to find a similar, but only came up with a closed toe mary jane (link below).

What makes you feel like a goddess?


Dress c/o IGIGI - Link Here
Shoes c/o Torrid - Similar fun version here.
Black Nails are Impress Press-Ons by Broadway Nails - the Halloween Black ones!

A little something that got me through a tough week...

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