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Friday, November 21, 2014

I can't believe I've had this skirt for so long and just not wearing it! Great $19.99 outlet find.

Been growing out my hair for what feels like 7 years and this is where I'm at. 
My various head shot out takes :| lol

My usual end of Portland Fashion Week funk has been in full swing for a month now (and the I'm growing my hair out and have no idea what the hell to do with it funk!!!). After spending months in the trenches with my volunteer family working every second to make a quarter million dollar fashion week happen, it's such a shock to the system when it's all done and your calendar comes to a halt! Someone yanked out my IV and I need it back! LOL Luckily, I have been able to fill up my off season by partnering with Meagan Hope to launch our female marketing agency 1010 Park and have been blessed to be working with some great clients including Spanky's ConsignmentPure Barre Vancouver Wa and Fossil Cartel.

However, after spending too much time in my comfies and needing some good photos for my site - it was time to dust off the camera setup and put together a cute outfit! I tell you what, some great pictures can really do wonders for the soul sometimes, plus a great skirt doesn't hurt either.

I picked up this skirt a while back at my local Lane Bryant Outlet paying only $19.99 for a skirt I almost purchased probably 50 times. I never was sold though as I couldn't visualize it on my body and I'm always wary of skirts that are shorter - but at 19 dollars - I couldn't resist and didn't even try it on! In fact, the first time I wore it was 10 minutes before this photo - definitely a delightful surprise.
Finished off the look with recent gifts from Lane Bryant and frequent stars from my instagram feed (links below).

Definitely a funk killing outfit and look forward to more dressing up. Go get dressed up and take a pic! Share with me via Instagram and tag me @jessica_kane.

xx Jessica

Shop this post! My shoes are no longer available, so I found a similar pair online.

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