Part 4 - Personal Journal - Love Your Body Weekend

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Part 4 of 5 - Love Your Body Weekend

Sooooooo this part starts off a bit rocky. Going to give you the real deal, no sugar coating.......
Love Your Body Day main event was just wrapping up, my friend Sarah from Sealed With A Kiss Designs was going to pick me up and we would jet off to West Hollywood for dinner...... But, I put a huge wrinkle in the plans - I swear - somethings it just pours.

When I texted Sarah where to pick me up, I accidentally texted the wrong address, a wrong address that directed her 30 miles out of the way and off to Culver City!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When she texted me she was there, and I was like, where are you, and the moment of realization came - I was mortified. I don't even think mortified is strong enough a word. It was 10000% the WORST mistake I'd ever done ever, I couldn't think of worse. To top it off, my phone was dead, I couldn't talk to her and barely text as my phone beeped at me it was dying quickly. Thank GOD Chenese came to my rescue and offered to drop me off at the place I was staying so I could charge my phone and communicate with the world again.

Now, I'd never actually met Sarah, and this was her first impression. Again - MORTIFIED. UGH How do you begin to make up for a mistake like THAT?!!! :( So, after 2 hours in the car, Sarah and I finally connected - and how she still wanted to hang is beyond me - the patience and understanding of a SAINT! 

I was eager to make it up and go forth and have a great night, and thank fully so was she. Under HIGH recommendation she had made reservations at Lola's in West Hollywood for dinner. Again, we get there, more bumps in the road as we were seated next to the kitchen and couldn't hear - but being the A types we are - we got it straightened out and proceeded to have an amazing dinner and chat for over 2 hours. 

Even after all thatttttttttt, she still brought me presents to try, as she's the Dir. of Marketing for Sealed With A Kiss Designs. I've always loved the brand, but have to be honest, haven't ordered much there. I'm like a 3yo where I focus on the shiney shiney. I always yell at myself when I just need a perfect cardigan or simple and comfortable dress, why don't I ever buy those???!! Sometimes, you just need a fantastic staple,  you know?!! Well, this is what SWAK specializes in, and this night, she brought me a Rose Pink Open Cardigan - which this style is one of their most popular. Now - I CAN SEE WHY!

We had such a great dinner at Lola's and I can see why everyone raves about it - feeling kinda cool now :) And, here we are posing it up outside Lola's! Love Sarah's dress, it's called the "Gloria"? It's so fun!! Find more here.

Then it was finally Sunday! After brunch with Natalie and Jessica Svoboda, talking life and business, was headed to listen in on the LYBD Panel discussion. I was bummed I couldn't fit in attending the VIP luncheon for the launch of AdoraOm, they were so nice to invite me! :( 

I wore my staple - Torrid blazer, White Jeggings from, Sequin Tank from Lane Bryant and white Kohl's knockoff watch ;) Can't go wrong!

Hanging out after the discussion with two of my favorite ladies - Natalie and Jessica. <3

Then spotted Marie! I was in LOVE with her pants. They had the best black denim with white stiching! Check out Marie, The Curvy Fashionista - she's really the bomb.

Then it was group picture time! 
Me posing it up with some amazing women who have dedicated themselves to positive body image. I have massive respect for each and every woman here. They have a passion and love to inspire and empower women, and for that - I am grateful they have paved the way. Please be sure to take a minute to meet them using the links below this picture!

Event Host
Pia Guerrero, Adios Barbie
Emily Musil Church, Ms. Magazine Blogger
Marie Denee, The Curvy Fashionista
Melanie Klein, Feminist Fatale
Seth Matlins, Off Our Chests

For an amazing recap of the panel discussion, please please read Pia's blog post at There's no way I could do it justice.

Then, the time had come - was headed back home to rainy Oregon :). This was my airplane outfit...recognize my white jacket??!! LOL - I'm obsessed. And, wore a new top from Lane Bryant underneath. It's a Vneck Slub Knit T, with cool rhinestones and images - LOVE! I joke that Mia Tyler is on my boob.

Thanks to Natalie for hosting me, you're such an amazing woman and I love you girl. And, to Sarah for not writing me off forever, and for Jessica Svoboda who is going to dedicate her business to launching designers who need help, and to Chenese for saving me, and to Hugo for the compliments and love and to Marie for letting me take a picture of your ass :).  hahahh!!

Next up in the final part of my trip - a makeup tutorial and giveaway!!
NOW, that is fun :).

part 3 | love your body day

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Part 3 of 5 - Love Your Body Weekend

Saturday 10/22/11 - 11:00am

So after the awesomeness of Friday, I couldn't peel myself off of Nati's amazing couch till 11am (felt so 25 again)! I knew I had a huge fun day ahead of me and needed to whip out some fabulous to feel confident enough for the million pictures I KNEW were going to happen, plus needing to distract from the flip flop & blister situation. I wanted to change up my look a bit, so I went with curly big hair, which actually is easier since I have naturally curly hair! And, I was lucky enough to have some new style from my friends at Fashion to Figure. I went with an aztec theme (is that even what you call it??).

This outfit was so perfect for the day, and after sweating like a mad women due to gorgeous LA weather on Friday, I was thankful I had a cute strapless top on hand (and of course my Cacique 5way Strapless to make it happen)! This top is definitely out of my normal zone but so completely awesome. I love how the print is just enough and the unique cut flatters perfectly. Plus, I'm falling in love with this type of neckline.

So Marcy and I knew we had some time to kill, so she took me on a personal tour of Beverly Hills and Hollywood, including a trip down Rodeo Drive and the usual tourist spots. Then, when trying to figure out where to have lunch, I was like "OMG!! We should go Villa Blancaaaaaa. You know, Lisa's restaurant!! Of course, Marcy didn't know who the hell Lisa was....come on, who's with me??? Who else loves Lisa?!! :) She's my fav girl on Real Housewives of BH. 

So Villa Blanca happened, and it was amaze! And way cheaper than I thought, like less than Olive Garden?!!! Was funny watching tourists walk by and take pictures of us and other patrons. LOLS And, then the tourist shot :). 

Then we headed to the main event, Love Your Body Day! I went to the restroom to freshen up and look at what I found! I thought it was so appropriate for the day. 

For me the day is about of course loving your body but also what I feel is the best west coast plus industry mixer. Sadly I didn't get to see so many women I wanted to, they were killing it in NYC! :( But, still a great time and fun event produced by Chenese Lewis, President of the Hollywood NOW chapter. 

My fav outfit of the fashion show was this one! OOHHHHH I need that outfit STAT!

Here I am posing it up with Chenese (L) and Meghan McCain - Host for LYBD.


Top - Gifted by Fashion to Figure - Find it here online for only $28 in size 2x & 3x. I'm wearing 3x.
Necklace - Gifted by Fashion to Figure - Find it here online, only $16!
Pants - Lane Bryant Houston Trousers - Size Red 8

Now watch the SKORCH Magazine video recap of LYBD by Editor at Large, Marcy Guevara!

So much fun, but there's still more from the weekend!!
Part 4 coming!

Jessica   / 

Part 2 - Love Your Body Day Pre-Party

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Part 2 of 5 - Love Your Body Weekend (longest but best day of my life!)

Friday 10/21/11 - 7:30pm

So after I left the Torrid HQ (with my smoking new red ponte knit blazer!) I lived through Friday night LA rush hour to get to my girl Nati's house - she was playing hostess. Took off my since 5am makeup, reapplied and went smokey to vamp it up for my party night (makeup post coming up in part 5). Felt so good to have fresh makeup on!

I threw on my new gold accessories from my friends at Fashion to Figure. I've been trying to find the perfect bracelet/necklace chunky gold combo foreverrrrrrr, and in my price range - you know, cheap - LOL - and when I spotted this pair at FTF, my world changed a bit. Honestly, perfection.

Then headed to the Culver City Lane Bryant for the Pre-Party bash. Walked in, headed straight for a cocktail and gabbed with all my girls. The night went so quick I didn't even get to shop!! Blasphemy!

This night was honestly one of the best of my life. I've been living in a virtual world of friends and readers for a few years and to actually see, hug and share "Lanetinis" with them is AMAZE. Here I am with Debbie Shannon, Natalie Ferraro of and me. As you can see, we are complete hams. I had to retaliate against Nati since she covered my face in the first picture. BWHWAHAHH!! That arm was coming OFF! :) 

Can I just say how epic this picture below is? I am that girl that insists on group pictures, my friends and family usually roll eyes and submit unwillingly. hahahah! We were all ready to roll out for the night when we got this shot. I'm sure you know these amazing ladies, but if not - let me introduce you (from left)!

Chenese Lewis - Producer of Love Your Body Day, President of Hollywood NOW and the 1st Miss Plus America
Marie Denee - Blogger of The Curvy Fashionista
Tess Munster - Model & Face of Domino Dollhouse (which she is wearing) and featured in Inked Australia
Natalie Ferraro - Singer/Songwriter and 1/2 of the group Ninja Betty and the Nunchix and blogger at
Joy Nash - Actress, Model & Blogger and well known for her "Fat Rant" series
Me :)
Nichole Smith - Blogger of xoxoNikstar and Model and also Face of Domino Dollhouse
Brandi Miller - Model & Marketing and PR Guru for Warner Bros

Outfit details:
My Outfit: Blazer & Denim - Gifted by Torrid, Necklace & Bracelet - Gifted by Fashion to Figure
Chenese's - wearing dress from Macy's.
Tess' - Wearing Domino Dollhouse.

Then we headed for food and gab at a cool little eatery! I think the most I've laughed in forever! Such a FANTASTIC night!

And then we saw a grafitti wall, and this happened...LOL!!

We lost a few girls on to the next stop. LOLs - Brandi and Nik had to work early, BOOOO! But, Nati and Marcy were determined that I experience West Hollywood properly!

Then, this happened. Lemon drop shots and the Gaslite Karaoke Lounge in Santa Monica.

Marcy and I loving the music and being silly...

And, then this happened. BWHAHAHAHHAH The funniest cab ride of MY LIFE. Being LA, of course the cabs are Prius' right? Thank God I called shotgun! The girls were a bit crowded in the back. I think I died laughing for the next 20 minutes. What's wrong Marce? HAHAAAHAHAHAA She was playing it cool.

And, finally it was time for late night grub at Swingers, where I had the best BLT of my LIFE. Sweet sweet awesomeness.

I just have to say how much I love my girls, thank you for the best Friday night I've had in a while. I got to experience Hollywood properly :).

Jessica   / 

visit to Torrid hq

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If you've been following my facebook updates, you know I was on a whirlwind weekend trip to LA! I'm sure to have a lot of posts, so here is my first stop. Had to pop in to see my friends at Torrid and visit the HQ! It was so cool to be behind the scenes and meet the many amazing people of Torrid and Hot Topic. I wish I could have shown you more pics behind the scenes, but it's kinda classified :) LOL I got to see their new styles for swimsuits, accessories the buyers are considering and watch a photoshoot with Kelsey Olsen. Plus, I asked the buyer if she would do an interview to tell us what will be hot in the coming seasons and she was thrilled - so that coming soon! And, got to chat with Courtney about Torrid's social media strategy and brainstorm great ideas to connect lovers of fashion to the brand. I really love the positive energy and PASSION the team has and look forward to working with them more.

Here are some photos out front with Nikol, merchandising team for Torrid and Courtney, Social Media Content Mgr for Torrid.

Was sporting some Torrid fresh off the plane! First pic is with Nikol, who also happens to be a blogger! Check her's out here:

Above - with Courtney.

Blazer, Denim, Handbag - Gifted by Torrid 
Top - Lane Bryant
Necklace - Sears
Glasses - Mall Stand
Shoes - Payless

Basic Rights Oregon Party

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I totally forgot to post this!
I went to the Basic Rights Oregon annual IGNITE party and had a blast! I love the organization and all the work they do. In fact, I'm working with my client Sheraton Portland to throw a huge fundraising party for them!

The night was so much fun, even going solo. In fact, it's kind of cool to go alone because it challenges me to use my networking skills and work the room and I met so many great people including a fun table of Boeing executives that actually took this picture of me. LOLS! Then we danced to MJ baby.

The event was hosted at one of the best venues, the Portland Art Museum and boasted LOTS of free drinks (if only I had a DD, but sober sally I was), cupcakes from my favorite Portland bakery Cupcake Jones, delish catering and great music. And, I was feeling so confident and fab in my dress from Avenue. LOVE this dress, especially the pockets! It's the same one I wore in this post.

Well, have a great weekend you guys, I'm headed to LA tomorrow morning! I will be there for a few meetings and events, including Love Your Body Day. I'll keep you totally in the loop with my facebook fanpage - so be sure to add me!

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playing dress up

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I had to SO much fun dressing up for some fun pictures with my friend/photographer Stacy. Funny thing is, we've been "virtual" friends via Myspace then Facebook for over 6 years and never met until this year! She's such a creative, fun and talented chick. I love her.

We actually shot three looks this day and this was the final one and I couldn't believe how awesome they looked! I didn't plan this outfit at all, being the last one, I was like....what do I wear?!! Stacy, being one who loves dress up and such suggested something cocktail/gno, so I dug through my "archives" (hey plus girls can have archives of Torrid and vintage Lane Bryant, k! *smile*) and found some fun pieces. Ones I've not worn in a while!

This dress is from Torrid, gifted to me abouttttttttttt ummmmmm a year ago? It's a fun t-shirt top, lace bottom dress. So perfect to layer. Then found my red cardigan which again, haven't seen in about a year and forgot how much I loved it! And, the sad part is the company, LOTIS out of Canada, I think is no longer. They had such a strong start and push for 2009 and it breaks my heart their online store is gone. I'm hoping she rolled it over to a wholesale company and just stopped the retail - but I'm not sure. But, I topped it off with my FAVORITE jacket ever from Lane Bryant!

I definitely had fun with my makeup too, dug out my red lips I never wear and smoked up my eyes. I actually used to HATE my lips, had it in my head they were too skinny and looked horrible with red, go was IN MY HEAD. LOL Typcial woman, right? :)

I have to give the hugest thank you to Stacy, thank you girl!!!!! Actually, when we shot, she asked if I wanted airbrushing and where, and I looked at her with huge eyes, and said "NO WAY!!!" She was so surprised since every one of her clients asked for EVERYTHING to be edited. I made her promise to leave my legs lumpy and my face natural and so forth. Why? Because there's a time and place for that, I love the art of photo editing, but I want to be real and show our imperfections are perfect.

Everyone, please go like her page on facebook and stay hi at Her and I have much more in store for you and plan to do a LOT more fun shoots. Which, gotta say, so excited. Gets uninspiring shooting yourself in your backyard after a while :) ahhahahahahah!

Jessica   / 

And the winners are...

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Oh. My. Gosh!!
Ladies, you're truly inspiring and so amazing, thank you!!
We had over 1100 entries and 30 winners, so let's get to the good stuff :)

In case you can't watch the recording, here's the list of who won! Winners, you will get an email from the company on how to redeem your gift :).

And the winners are........

Kayla Boullion - $50 to
LaShonda Taylor - FNO Gift Bag
Joanna Soliver - $75 to Bellisima Cosmetics
Amanda Reilly - $100 to
Keisa Talley - $150 to Cassaundra's Clothing Boutique
Amy Stoner - $100 to
Kristen Berge -  $100 to
Hannah Maxine Myles -  $100 to
Patricia MacDonald -  $100 to
Yvette Mitchell - Eye/Lip Gift bag from Dianne Brill Cosmetics
Amy Embler - Eye/Lip Gift bag from Dianne Brill Cosmetics
Amanda Hickey - Two VIP passes to 2012 Full Figured Fashion Week
Sharmaine Cunningham - $100 to
Febe Ozzy - $50 to
Lorie Walker - $50 Costume at
LaDonna McCrimon - $50 to
Heather Boyd - $100 to
Megan Edwards - $100 to
Penny Martin - $100 to
Colisha Davis - $100 to
Misty Ramsdell - $75 to
Day Evans - $75 to
Veronica Morgan - $180 Pair of Denim at
Janet Sisson - $100 to
Kristin Peabody - $50 to
Crystal Jackson - $75 to
Christine Smith - $200 to
Jacquelyn Moore - $50 to
Tracey Arredondo - $75 to
Chana Dresser - 4 VIP passes to Pink City Corp Miami Conference
Gabriella Ramirez - $50 to

Watch the recording of the live drawing now! Click PLAY
Please excuse my first time using this service :) hahahhaha- I was winging it! XO

stretch belts

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I just got a present from JMS and I'm really loving what I see. Thought I would give you a sneek peak.
The stretch feature is particularly awesome :).

beauty day

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So when my hubby and I take a day to ourselves and let our little man stay with his auntie/friend, we use our time to surprise a best friend and get pedi's! :) hehhahah

We were so excited to see my (sister/skorch co founder/ying&yang/twin) Carrie and surprise her for her birthday!!! She's attending Northwest College for Beauty and is a bad ass at hair color!! But, she can also give a fab pedi, so my hubby couldn't wait to get pampered. *laughing* He's not scared :) He even went for the WAX!!

Here are some fun shots, typical Jessica/Carrie!
And, yes, my standard uniform lately, white jacket, black jeans/top, bam!

UPLOAD YOUR FULL BODY PHOTO NOW - CONTEST ENDS FRIDAY! Over 25 winners will be announced.

Visit Carrie and view her new videos for Skorch TV! Carrie Inspired :)

girl crush | gabriella

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Ok, haven't done a girl crush in a while, but I just HAD to share Gabi! She's so inspiring with her style, confidence and talent. She's not just a pretty face, she's an insane talented makeup artists as well. 

Gabriella J. Lascano

Make-up artist at MAC Cosmetics Makeup ArtistLives in New York, New YorkIn a relationship with Antonio J. FosterBorn on February 15

"Excuse me honey, I'm no plus. This is just my size :) " - gabriella lascano

favorite primer? favorite primer. Loreal Magic Studio Perfection Base
wax or tweez? i tweeze my own brows! lol i actually have a video on it
life goals? my life goals .. hmmmm 1. make a difference in at least one person's life, be a great mother (when I have children) and wife (when I get married) and always manage to stay myself .. how deep right lol
best known for? best known for laughing, glamour, and glitter and always saying whats on my mind  

Check out Gabi's Makeup Youtube Channel
Twitter @GabriellaGlam