undercover plus size shopping: Ross & Target

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Welcome to my 1st Video Post for my series I affectionately call - FUG UNDERCOVER. So glad I brought my camera when my girlfriend Mandy and I went shopping for 4th of July outfits. For me... it was Jessica = 0, Team Fug = 29. It's a tragedy really. Hopefully my trip to Torrid and Macy's will fair better.

In effort of full disclosure, I'm truly a dork at heart and I secretly LOOOVVEEEEE Footloose. So bare with me on my journey to the soundtrack of the coolest 80's movie of all time.

Plus, wish everyone a happy and safe 4th of July weekend and to my Canadian friends, Happy Canada Day!!!


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  1. I like Ross but some of the stuff can be blah at times

  2. the fug you found was BEYOND!!! LMAO!!! I mean, why in the world would clothing manufacturers use material that is beyond grandma-ish. The two that you tried on were pretty cute with some great accessories added :-)

    Great job!!

  3. Hahaha, love the video! I just wrote a blog about a clothing store that just opened here! Plus size clothes drive me crazy sometimes!!! Keep up the great work. I can't wait to watch/read more from you!! =]

  4. HAHA great vid. you're funny! :P actually...*shy* I liked some of the floral pattern dresses, I was at target today, didnt get any, but found them kind of summery pretty, esp. the purple flowered strapless dress. :)

  5. I guess everyone has different taste about clothing and has an idea of what looks good and doesn't on their specific and unique body types. One of the Target dresses that you said was undercover "fug" (the tealish floral print tiered dress) is actually hands down my favorite summer dress and I have gotten a ton of compliments on it every time I have worn it (the color is gorgeous on my skin, the tiers help hide my belly, and the dress is soft and stretchy). I'm in my 20s so I guess I don't shy much from floral prints. I sometimes also have the bad habit of knocking clothing without trying it on but there have been times that I have taken a chance and tried something on that I didn't like much at first glance and have actually been pleasantly surprised with the results.

  6. i have that fuchsia dress you tried on in green. my absolute fave this summer. ross (at least here) isn't so bad... you just really have to work for the good finds. i thought some of the dresses you sifted thru woulda looked kinda cute... i never trust hanger appeal.

    also, i share your "ick" over the teeny tiny floral prints too. as a 30 something myself, they remind me of old wallpaper in grandmother's homes and fixer-upper homes that need complete demolitions. but i guess that's part of the trendy fashion regrets that will haunt this generation's kids much later in life. we all have them. remember the saggy shorts, baggy pants and backwards clothing of our generation? LOL! i still cringe when i see pictures of myself.

  7. LOL thanks girls! And Jenarch I totally agree! That's why I say its not for me...but I'm sure others would love it! I just don't like floral prints personally, and I'm so particular on colors...totally admit I'm harder to please!

    I think I love the style of like Kim K and Victoria B, but need to try out some Drew B and Kate H too!

    Ok, promise to self and you, ill try those florals on and have you guys vote! Ohhhhh that'd be fun!

  8. I <3 shopping at discount retailers like Target, Ross, Marshalls and such, but sometimes they have can fug stuff. Its really an art to be a bargain shopper and find cute, fashionable nice clothes. It takes a lot of patient and time to search through rack & racks of clothes. Its always hit or miss with me, but I go often and scope the racks & get really lucky sometimes!

  9. stumbled on your blog,love it keep it the good work you can tell your very passionate about this!!
    best wishes

  10. Hello dear Jessica!
    I'm so glad that You visited my blog! Will You add me to Your links?
    I don't know if I know enough worlds in english to explaiin what I think about You and Your blog.
    I think that You are so beatifull, have so many beatifull compozed outfits, I just can't get enough of watching the way You are dressed. This is so inspiring.
    I'm a little sad because in Poland there are only a view shops with bigger clothes and it is difficult to buy really beatufull things ( like You wear). I watched Your video, we don,t have so many plus size clothes. But I hope it will change soon!

  11. Went to my own local Target today to check out the fug items for myself and you were right!! Any of the items I liked had a horrible fit! I've purchased from their plus size department (if you can call it that since the selection is always sooo limited) with great success in the past but this year I'm so disappointed. Keep the videos coming! I love your style!!

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