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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Every month I like to bring you my favorites, the pieces I just can't live without for the month. This month, I'm embracing some pattern and color that I normally shy away from. You all know I'm a bargin shopper and love a clearance sale, so my picks are usually very reasonably priced with one piece that is a little bit more expensive, but sooooooo worth the dollars.

And, I changed my hair to embrace my summer sun! I lightened it up a bit using my Revlon Highlighting kit and since I'm letting it grow out a bit, I feel so Kardashian...LOL.

First up - A Color Block Stud 1 Shoulder from for only $16.99. Obviously 1 shoulders are all the rage, and I love the comfort and colors. This top is a 3x and def a bit tighter than intended, but I like my tops form-fitting.

Next up another top from - I can't find it online anymore, which is a total bummer because this top is so much fun! I NEVER wear these colors, I always hated the pointed fabric on the hips and can't believe how much I love this top. It's just enough hippy to make a glam gal like me feel uber hip for the day :).

Next, my favorite maxi dress like EVER. It's from plus size and of course I don't see this one online anymore either. But, there are LOTS of dresses like this with the tie around the neck, and I never thought I would like it....but I do. And, I liked it so much I wore it for my 4th of July bash. This is a 3x as well.

Here's me wearing it on 4th of July...I was channeling my inner State of Liberty!

One of the staples I can NOT live without are my fun cardy's from Old Navy. Now I usually buy plus size old navy, but NOT for my cardys...I fit better into a XL or XXL from the regular store. This one is a 1X, so I wanted it to be nice and tight, and I'm in LOVE with the colors and fit. I got this one for about $15 during the cardy sale.

Last but definiately not least is my splurge for the summer, I am IN LOVE WITH THIS DRESS. I admit, as a newbie to convertible dresses, I was a bit lost to figure out how to make it work, but after some practice, I think I figured it out. You definately need an "under-thing" like a cami, tube or something, I'm wearing a black bustier in this shot. My favorite things about this are the fabric and the cut, the black skirt part goes past the knees and I feel so glam in it! die as Rachel Zoe would say...yes, can NOT wait for her show to be back on - hurry up Bravo!
This dress is from and is a 4x, it is $68, but trust me - it is SOOOO worth it! You can change the look from classy to club and it's truly so comfy. So, it's my splurge pick for July. Click here to purchase.


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  1. So sexy!!!!!!!! I am in love with all this dresses!!! and you rock them!

  2. u hav good style and your hair is soo gorg!

  3. did you get the last dress in lavender or in heather? Thanks for the link, it is sooo gorgeous!!

  4. LOVE all the picks, especially the last one! Gorgeous!

  5. I love the Old Navy cardi. You look great in stripes.

  6. that is a great idea about the cardis from ON! the cardis i usually get from there in my size usually look big and baggy on me, which can make me look shapeless and bigger.

    also, thanks for the comments/recommendations to my question about strapless bras on facebook! i just checked out lane bryant online and they are having a buy 2 bras get 2 bras free sale, so i think i'm going to try out their strapless/convertible bra ( - it is in store too!)

  7. LOVE the maxi dress on you! FABULOUS! :D

  8. That Maxi dress is to die for! it looks gorgeous on you! Great picks for summer! Come be my shopping buddy!!

  9. Do you happen to wear any shapewear items in ANY of your pics? I'm one size smaller than you (20/22)and my issue is my tummy roll - and I see that you do not have that issue - should I invest in shapewears - if so would you recommend any?

  10. Great looks Jessica... you look amazing!! I agree with many of the above though, that maxi dress rocks!!

  11. u are so fierce lady! and i love what u did with ure hair!

  12. thank you so much ladies!! and jude, it's heather.

    ScorpioGurl - I do have a pair of Lane Bryant super grandma panties - high waisted - I got them when i was preggo - now they don't carry anymore! !:( But that's what I wear - I hate spanx, too much, I just need a super panty really that doesn't roll down!



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