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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

After my recent highlighting experiment gone wrong (went and used a new dye - BAD IDEA), I wanted to go back at old hair colors/styles to see what I liked the best for my face. I swear, my hair has a life of it's own! I love it though, my hair is such an important part of my 'look'.

I've had a bob for as long as I can remember. Back in high school, however was a much scarier story. My mother thought she was a 'hair stylist' *ehhh humm* and yah, no, she wasn't. Needless to say, after I moved out and spread my wings, I experimented with my hair and over the years have put it through some serious punishment.

Maybe this should really be an open apology letter to my hair? "Dear hair, I'm sorry for being so mean to you, but thank you kindly for not falling out of my head...kinda need you around. xoxo jessica"

Here's a fun recap of my hair since about 2006. As you can tell from the inconsistancy of my hair color, I do not have a color professional, instead I rely on trial and error and box dye. I bat about 8 for 10, so I figure it's a great investment!

So which looks are your favorite? Here are mine...

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  1. I Love the third one! The brown with the blonde highlights! I wish I could do that to my hair! :)

  2. Hey tisha! thank you!!! I do love that one...the bad thing about doing it at home, I can NEVER get the same look twice!!!!!!!!!!! RAR!!!

  3. You did that at home? I wouldn't dare even try! I tried to go blondish once ( I have dark brown hair) and failed really bad, so I don't dare do anything myself anymore.

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  5. I am quite fond of the middle cut in the last row. LOVE IT! Although blonde is cute on you, I think the brunette is STUNNING!

  6. @tisha - YEP! I know I'm brave! :) I figure worst case scenario - go back to brown!! haha

    @stacey - thank YOU!!!!!!! I'm loving the brown but my hubby HATES it! LOL :( oh well, my hair!

  7. LOVE how you play with your hair, love all the styles, you look amazing in all of them! :D

  8. @jennifer - thanks soooo much! it IS fun!

  9. you look amazing as a blonde!!! how do you go from dark brown to blonde at home??

  10. I LOVE playing with hair colour! You look fantastic in all the shades, but my favourite is your fave blonde! I wish I could pull off blonde that well! You look great!

  11. I'm partial to the blonde. I want to go back blonde so bad but right now my hair is a dark burgundy with black streaks. Every time I try to lighten it myself I can never get it to go lighter than a copper red. Maybe I've abused my hair TOO much!

  12. @jude - thank YOU!!! I do love it - and yep - at home. trial and ERROR :D

    @natalie - thank you so much! If only I could get that blond again....home dye isn't very consistant.

    @rocker mom - thank you!

  13. You look great in all the pics, but my fave is the middle pic on the 2nd row,(blk sequin top) The style looks very chic, and elegant on you.

  14. I'm a new follower (thanks 2 Anika!) and I love how u have different variations. Mixing up color and style.

  15. So cool! I like that you put these all together. I cannot believe you do them yourself. They look pretty good to me. I actually love dark hair but I think you look great as a blonde (and I dont say that often!)

  16. I'm loving the brunette look with the reddish hue in the 4th photo, very flattering on your skin tone. The style is great too, really suits you.

  17. LOVE that blonde at the top but i also love love love that chic one at the bottom with the big white round earrings.

  18. you look great in all of the styles! tell me, do blondes have more fun? LOL love the layout too! xx

  19. I like you as a brunette best, no highlights or frosting. My favorite styles are the one of you in the white sleeveless top with white circle earrings, where your hair is very close to your head; and the pic of you in the black sequin-y tank top with bigger, kind of '50s Liz Taylor hair.

    You really have skill styling your own hair. I've never had the patience to work with mine and never developed the skills needed to be able to do a really good blow dry. I don't like using a lot of straightening tools and curling irons, mostly because they really damage my hair, but also because I find them incredibly awkward to use and can never style my hair the way I want.

    You should put some tutorial videos up on Youtube of how you style your hair, doing a blow dry, using a straightening iron, etc. I'm sure they'd be helpful for a lot of people.

  20. Girl!! you're hair does need its own blog, haaha..

    I like the first picture the best, but you good in all of them.

  21. thanks you guys!! I've thought about doing videos on me doing my hair and makeup, but I'm scared they will be too long in length...I could do the fast forward thing - ok - I will - I will do some hair vid's. I swear, it is an ART!!

  22. Oh my gosh - you ARE amazing with your hairstyles. My hair has got a mind of its own. =p

    Great pics - glad I found your blog!



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