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Thursday, July 15, 2010

As a publisher of a digital plus size magazine, I'm stuck in a virtual world of shopping malls that are located at www avenue. Honestly, I love to touch and feel the fashion and try it on! I don't know how many times I've walked into a dressing room with a handful of items to not only walk out with 1 item that fits right. Honestly, it amazes me that online shopping is so popular for the plus apparel community. I do have my few stores I shop online at because I've ordered and know the cuts and love the return policy if I don't luck out with the right fit.

But, this day, I wanted to go check out a local plus fashion store NOSKINNY. They say they are "bringing the fun back into shopping for big girls." When I first walked in, I was definitely skeptical that anything would fit AND look good, but my stylist (and assistant manager) Myndee made a believer out of me in no time. I had so much fun and as a BIG GIRL, I would totally recommend this store to anyone. They do offer some basic staples online at, but if you can come in the store - you MUST make it a stop! Hope you enjoy the video of my time at NOSKINNY touring the store and trying on Myndee's picks!

Did you see the dressing room??!! TO DIE!! I love how they have a HUGE area for a true shopping/styling experience. It's too easy to dismiss something while in your little dressing room and not give it a could just have it on wrong! :) So NOSKINNY provides a lush fabulous area for you to really see if it works.

This was my favorite outfit! I know I know ....basics in color, but the bright red belt is something I never do. I loved these leggings, they are a one size fits all (which I could NOT believe actually fit and were comfy!) as was the white tube top.

Then I asked Myndee to make me try this floral print on since I seem to always put it on my FUG list. I was thinking if I tried it on, I would have a change of heart...and honestly, it wasn't that bad!

This top was definitely fun and I LOVE the back detailing! I felt so Miley or someone fabulous! :)

And finally I tried on my first pair of stretch skinny jeans. Again, was in disbelief that they actually fit! These were a size 5x (26/28) and they were PERFFECTTTTTT. AHH my new favorites for SURE! And this top WAS totally fun...Myndee was so right :).

Thank you to the folks at NOSKINNY for letting me be VIP for the day with a one-on-one tour and shopping experience. And every girl needs a dressing room like the one at the Lloyd Center NOSKINNY store!


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