Favorite Black/White Striped Maxi Dress EVER!

Monday, August 01, 2011

Every woman needs a girls night out, I really think it's been almost a year since I had a proper night out, you know the one where you spend the entire day before planning and shopping likes it's the prom all over again? LOL!

Honestly, such a great night and break from my reality of work, mommy and wifey life. I enjoyed a few extra Goose Lemondrops *wink* at my favorite martini bar in Portland, Vault *thanks Kenny for always treating my girls like VIP*. Kenny is the kindest and coolest owner ever. And, thanks to my girl Brit for being my DD, even though true to old lady style I was sober with headache by 11pm. BAhahhahahah! Honestly, Jessica!

Thank goodness Tiffany, I had something fun to wear!! My girl Tiffany of www.onthefatwalk.blogspot.com hooked me UP with this dress! Thank you SO much Tiffany, your kindness was so unexpected and so much appreciated! I owe you girl. She sent me a fabulous Pure Energy dress from Target!

Here are some photos from the night, for the rest, head over to my personal Facebook page :). I have to admit, I'm so excited to be brown again!!! My hair rejoiced as well. :)


My girls are the BEST! From Left - Me, Kym, Katie, Tiffany, Correia & Brit.

Was fun to wear big earrings again. I used to ONLY wear huge ones, until I had my kiddo, now I just say - ehhhhh whatev. LOL

Peach Mojito please..... :D

Dress: Pure Energy Target (gifted to me by Tiffany of OnTheFatwalk.Blogspot.com)
Cardi  & Earrings- NoSkinny, Vancouver WA Store
Shoes - stole them from Brit, Coach Flipflops
Necklace - Avenue
Watch - Kohls
Clutch - Payless

Nails - Sally Hansen press on nail polish
Lipgloss - Revlon Colorburst #10 Hot Pink
New Brown Hair - Clairol #20 :D

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