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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hello lovelies!
I want to first thank every one who follows my blog and facebook fan page and showers me with love. I've loved this community since the day I started as a newbie on myspace, applying to every online plus ezine to get started in the industry (and never hearing back!). In 2006, no one saw my potential and I think that made me even more focused to make my mark, and it inspires me to give anyone the chance to show their potential. I'm truly blessed to have so many friends and readers that support my endeavors like SKORCH Mag and this blog, so THANK YOU!

This brings me to a small change. A name change. Honestly, the other day I was introducing myself and told them about Skorch and that I blog at CurvyConfident(dot dot dot) and I was so annoyed by how long the name was and how it pigeon-holed me into "older" fashion, that I just knew I needed to change the name while I could. I just started little over 3 months ago, and can't believe how quick it's going! I am truly a sassy foxy kinda gal and felt my old name didn't quite represent the attitude I convey - so presto chango - Fatshion Chic is born.

Since Facebook won't let me change my fb fan page name, I created a new one and I hope you join me there -

And thank you again for the love and everyone entering to win the Sealed with a Kiss Designs Dress - the over 300 of you! I will draw the winner on 7/20 and can't wait to see who wins!

stay chic,

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