flashback | April 2007

Saturday, July 24, 2010

I want to give you guys a peek at my fashion back in the day before I met you. 2007 was a blast of a year! It was the 1st year of Skorch Mag, pre-Kyle Kane (my son), got married that year, was about 40lbs thinner and was feeling so fabulous. Not that I don't now, but I need to work on getting more healthy most definitely. I was meeting so many new friends and making things happen, man that feels like 100 years ago - so much has changed and I've grown up so much as well.

This photo was taken at a Torrid fashion show, I'm posing with Erin, my date for the evening. Looking back I laugh because I should have been wearing TORRID *slaps hand* but I did wear one my favorite pair of jeans on planet earth, and I'm beyond bummed I can't fit in them anymore :(.  And, this top was the top that defined me, I swear, it was my SOUL. *laughing* I got it last minute online before my 27th birthday party, praying it would fit and look good since I had a huge party planned - which to this day, was one of the best ever.

Sigh. Why does time have to go by so quickly?


Top - Fashion To Figure, Pants - Torrid, Shoes -Payless

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  1. i remember this! back when i worked there and we first met. and then you changed my life. lol. good times. i miss you jess! see you when i come home next year!

  2. how much fun to see a flasback foto of you, you look fabulous!!! :D

  3. You looking great, good time cant beat them


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